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Amanishakheto, Warrior Queen of Nubia—6 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know


She’s a Forgotten Nubian Ruler

Very little is known about the remarkable Queen (Kandake) Amanishaketo of Meroë, Nubia or modern day Sudan. Details about her date of birth, who she may have married and the state of Nubia during her reign are facts that have fallen into obscurity. However, there are artifacts left behind that give us some idea of who she is. Her remaining hieroglyphs state that her name is Amanishaket, or Amanikasheto or Mniskhte in Meroitic hieroglyphs.



She Was a Warrior Queen

It is believed that Amanishaketo ruled Nubia from 10 BCE to 1 CE. During her reign, she followed in the footsteps of a former warrior Queen Amanirenas, leading troops with her bow in hand. She was said to be blind in one eye and a reasonably sized woman. When the Romans broke a peace treaty ensuring that they would not try to invade Nubia, Amanishaketo led the nation’s defenses and warded off the Roman army sent by Augustus.

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