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Virginia Shooting Media Hypocrisy? 5 Violent Murders of Black Bodies CNN and Other Networks Had No Problem Showing

News outlets across the country struggled with how to handle the video of a gunman shooting a TV reporter and cameraman live on air, with many cautiously airing edited versions of the video. On CNN, anchor Carol Costello warned viewers before airing a live video clip of the attack, initially saying the network would only play the clip once. He then later clarified that the network would only play the clip once per hour.

After outcry from social media users, the news network has announced that it will stop playing the video. But why is the same cautious approach absent when it comes to Black victims?

Here are five instances when CNN repeatedly showed Black lives being snuffed out on camera for the whole world to see, but received no public outcry or backlash.

Walter Scott

In one of the most vivid examples of state sanctioned deadly force against an unarmed Black individual,  CNN had no qualms about showing the execution of Walter Scott by Michael Slager, a white North Charleston police officer.


Tamir Rice

After footage of 12-year-old Tamir Rice being gunned down by police for playing with a toy gun was released, it was repeatedly shown on news sites all over the country, including CNN.


Shooting of Samuel DuBose

Ray Tensing, a white University of Cincinnati police officer, fatally shot Samuel DuBose point blank in the head. The murder footage, which was captured on by Tensing’s body-camera, was repeatedly shown on several news sites. CNN also played it over and over again.

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8 thoughts on “Virginia Shooting Media Hypocrisy? 5 Violent Murders of Black Bodies CNN and Other Networks Had No Problem Showing

  1. Greg Heath says:

    Thanks for this because it is certainly true. Over and over again ad nauseum but in this case of the reporter/cameraman they discourage showing it. There is also the "Bambi" factor going on here. Face it….people don't want to watch the "beautiful, cute, and cuddly" being killed. We kill all the "ugly" animals…..

  2. Luci Ryan says:

    Your point… Blacks are "ugly" animals??

  3. Greg Heath says:

    ….It is clear that I am not talking about people when I referred to "ugly". I was talking about the animals that we eat. That is why there is the following after my words……..because it went on to say that…Thought it was obvious…..My Bad.

  4. Todd Scott says:

    Luci Ryan re read it and if you don't understand something ask someone who's smarter than you which is everyone you know, stop embarrassing yourself.

  5. Todd Scott says:

    The real hypocrisy is the amount of coverage the church shootings got over the reporters shooting. Church shootings received way more coverage and it was labeled racist the racist shooter who shot the reporters wasn't called the racist he is. Typical double standard in America.

  6. All of those shootings mentioned were all over the TV indeed; so much so that I didn't want to have the corporate news on in the background. Virgina, I saw it once on the day it happened accompanied by warnings ad nauseam. This rings true to me.

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