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9 thoughts on “The Reason This Cop Gives for Pulling This Man Over Is the Most Ludicrous Thing You’ll Hear Today

  1. Brenda Nero says:

    TPPS – Tiny Pink Penis Syndrome

  2. In the 80's the cops pulled over black people all the time simply just for this reason.

  3. Joan Coulter says:

    That's like the 5th grade classroom: "Whatchulookingat?" Then the gestures: fist balled up to left eye, right eye, nose, mouth, stomach, then pointing at the victim.
    But, I like Brenda Nero's statement best.

  4. I think among other things, he just wanted to be an ass-hole!

  5. i am posting this with your quote as headline perfect statement amen

  6. Brenda Nero says:

    Agathe Joseph Petrov – When should this writer expect to receive a check in the mail?

  7. Agathe Joseph Petrov I agree….that was a perfect statement….

  8. what under heavens name are these police officers learning at the academy ??? not signalling a 100 feet before your turn ?? because you made direct eye contact with him ?? who is his superior ?? who is the mayor for this city ?? who do i need to send this video to so that this can be addressed ??? this is down right maddness !

  9. Ma Afia Beke says:

    Most perfect comment ever !!!!

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