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One thought on “Morris Brown College Dorm Burns Down, 140 Years of Black History Goes Up in Smoke

  1. [email protected]!!! I just drove through the AU Center and through the Morris Brown College Campus last week. We marveled at all the vast potential this campus had of once again returning to its previous status as a point in the AU Center star among the other HBCUs. Because of its close — and I do mean CLOSE — proximity to the new Georgia Dome construction site, I can't help but to believe this fire may have been deliberately and intentionally set to clear the way for expanded construction. Let's not forget: there was no hesitation, to consider and propose demolishing Friendship Baptist, Atlanta's oldest African-American Baptist church to expand the Georgia Dome, and with a price, there was the erasure of that piece of histoy! Thus, setting fire to an HBCU should not come as a surprise to do the same…

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