9 Intriguing Facts About Jomo Kenyatta You May Not Know



The Start of His Political Career

In 1922, Kenyatta started working in the Nairobi Municipal Council Public Works Department after a long stint of working jobs as a carpenter, clerk and interpreter. In the same year, he joined the East African Association, a coalition of people of Kikuyu heritage to reclaim lands confiscated by white settlers.



The Disbanded East African Association

The British government was not fond of the East African Association. They felt threatened by the group’s influence and possible upheaval of the people they colonized. So the EAA was disbanded in 1925 and replaced with the Kikuyu Central Association. Kenyatta was diving deeper into the liberation movement and became editor of the organization’s newspaper. Then he rose up in KCA, acting as secretary general in 1928. In May of that year, he also started the Mwigwithania paper, which focused on issues concerning the Kikuyu people.

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