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Family of Diabetic Black Man Says He Died in Jail After Being Denied Insulin

Michael Robinson, a diabetic Black man, dies in police custody ( Picture provided by family)

Michael Robinson, a diabetic Black man, dies in police custody (Picture provided by family)

Michael Robinson of Hayti, Missouri, died early Sunday, only hours after being taken by ambulance from the Pemiscot County Jail.

Robinson, 33, was arrested by Kennet police early Friday morning on a warrant for unpaid child support. According to his family, Robinson was a severe diabetic who needed insulin at least twice a day. The Robinson family is questioning whether he was provided proper medical care while jailed.

Robinson’s cousin, Brig Feltus, posted a comment on Facebook from Robinson’s sister saying her brother was placed in solitary confinement after begging jail staff for insulin:

“Brig I just heard that my brother was asking the jailers that he needed to go to the hospital and he was yelling and begging. They put him in the hole to keep him quiet. The[y] didn’t get him out again until his girlfriend came to visit. So sad, I’m hurting.”

At least five Black women were found dead in jail in July, including Sandra Bland. Bland, 28, was found dead in her cell three days after being violently arrested by Texas state troopers for failing to signal a lane change.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is currently investigating Robinson’s time in jail and what medical care he was provided.

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