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6 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Activists Come Face to Face with Hillary Clinton: “You Don’t Tell Black People What We Need to Know”

  1. It's Sad How She Put Poor With Black , And Hispanic She Said She Invest Her In With The "Kids" To Throw Off Off Adults … To Change The Fact That Her Doing That Child Support Gives It Right Back

  2. the Clintons have no business aligning themselves with any movement for racial or even social justice. #grewupduringwelfarereformnoloveforaclinton

  3. Todd Maynard says:

    Of couse… It's all Hilary's fault!

  4. Hillary Clinton has no agenda for black people she was involved with the donations that came up missing during the earthquake in Haiti where is the accountability of billions of dollars missing and the people of Haiti are worse off today than they were when the earthquake struck in 2010 and they are being exploited by people who claim to be there to help them. Hillary Clinton brother is running one of the largest gold mine operations in Haiti.

  5. Shawn Mc says:

    seems to me the protesters keep making black folks victims

  6. Shawn Mc says:

    shes has my vote, i love her honesty and she wasnt intimidated the slightest, those protesters sound like 1960 flower children trying to change people hearts, they have no platform and want her to create one for black folks lol

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