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9 Instances of Fidel Castro and Cubans Helping Black People Fight Colonialism and White Supremacy


Cuba Supported the Angolan War of Independence

The Angolan War of Independence was a struggle for control of Angola between guerrilla movements and Portuguese colonial authority. Cuba supplied the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) rebels with weapons and soldiers to fight. The Cuban military would fight alongside the MPLA in major battles.

castro with angolan revolutionary leaders

Cuba Prevented  South African Apartheid Regime From Taking Over Angola

In October of 1975, South Africa invaded Angola with the support of the U.S. government to overthrow the left-wing Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in the soon-to-be independent country.

In 1988, Cuban troops intervened again and also convinced the Soviet Union to back the People’s Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola (FAPLA) offensive against UNITA, which was supported by South Africa.

The impact of  the victory of Black Cuban and Angolan soldiers resonated far beyond the battlefield and is credited to have lead to the overturning of white minority rule in southern Africa and the later collapse of the Apartheid Regime in South Africa, ultimately shattering of the illusion of white invincibility.

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19 thoughts on “9 Instances of Fidel Castro and Cubans Helping Black People Fight Colonialism and White Supremacy

  1. …yet to this day Cuba still has racial divisions. Maybe he should have helped closer to home as well?… It's not as if he didn't have the power to do it…

  2. two words :Economic sanctions .

  3. Do you mean economic sanctions prevented him from instilling equality in Cuban society?

  4. Cuba does what we pretend to do. It fights to free people who we want to keep enslaved. Greed kills, and brainwashing is even worse.

  5. Fidel Castro is a mass murderer who keeps more of his people in prisons and prison camps in the Sierra Maestre (per capita) than any other country in the world – blacks and others. To assert that there is racial equality under Castro or that Cuban people will gain a "greater degree of economic freedom" is a sick joke.
    Consider: The Cuban Government and the Cuban Military are both run by men of mainly European descent and light skin. Remember Batista was at least half Afro-Cuban and Fidel was very proud of his Spanish heritage.
    Mass murderer? Yes. 50 years ago I was one of those American "mercenaries" Fidel complained about to the UN. Read about it under my name on Amazon. We tried to rescue thousands of Cuban Refugees (black and otherwise) and many were slaughtered on the beaches and in the waters while trying to escape. We saved many, but many many more were murdered by Castro's "Militia" whose machine guns did not bother discriminating.

  6. William Heuisler, you talk out of your ass. you don't know what you're talking about.

  7. That book by carlos Moore has been discredited…..

  8. In the picture of Castro talking to Malcom X, Castro looks just like Liam Neeson Haha.

  9. Aj Mac says:

    Nice article, but I've been to Cuba. Most of the people with money and in government positions are white Cubans, while most of the poverty is among Black cubans.

  10. Carlito Rovira agree

  11. William Heuisler, you are dishonest. Until you typed that CUBA incarcerates more people (per capita) you sounded as if there may have been truth in you. But to Ignore the incarcerations rates in the United States, and the condition of blacks in this country relative to law enforcement. is to be disingenuous. The land of democracy and freedom, Law enforcement in America is at war with blacks desiring autonomy and liberation, and America, has the greatest incarceration rate on nonwhite people on the planet. So you are a liar! I am aware that those who fought for freedom in America frequently fled to Cuba for safety, and in this country the Marco Rubio's Ted Cruz, and their ilk, fled Cuba for the Racist bosom of America. I would accept Carlos Moore and his perspective over that of Marco Rubio period!

  12. How man Iraqis has the U.S. Killed?? Abu Ghraib???? Name one thing that Castro did that any American President hasn't.

  13. Acutally it's the US who imprison most of it's population (per capita) in the prison-industrial complex, which is primarily used to subdue the African-American population in the US.

    Economic Freedom is to be free from penury, bankruptcy, desease, and starvation forced upon people by Capitalists stripping wages and condition in work. Today most of the people in work also claim social-security here in the UK. A damning endictement of the Capitalist system. Cuba has a better healthcare system than the US, the best education in Latin America and plenty of economic security for it's people.

    Their skin colour has got nothing to do with their policies. Try again.

    Moreover, those leaving the beaches were henchmen, supporter, mafia and gansters of batista who feared justice at the hands of the communist because of course the Bastia government committed economic, military and war crimes themselves. He pludered the nations riches was a central protecting figure for the mafia and turned Cuba into a gambling and a whorehouse for US business men. Indeed Cuba was sold wholesale to lowest bidder. All the while his population starved.

    Even now with economic sactions against cuba is still outperforms the US in Many spheres.

  14. Jim Albers says:

    Batista was the murderer, regardless of his ethnicity. It's too bad you returned from Playa GirĂ³n.

  15. I believe Castro was determined to promote his political idealogies more so then, assisting "Black People" (for lack of an accurate political term in refering to people of african descent). This article should more so focus on the struggle of "Black People" & people of color within the country of Cuba. Also, Mr Heuisler, please Stop promoting your political agenda as well as your book of fiction. your views & opinions are not fact. The truth always comes to light.

  16. Aj Mac says:

    Timothy Hayes I wish that were true but I am not the only one in this thread (or in the world) who has noticed that. Angola was a "nice" gesture but wasn't about helping blacks it was about building a socialist alliance of sorts.

  17. I've been to Cuba too ..many times I also went to Angloa with Cuban troops to fight as well as dig wells..your statement is completly false

  18. Ridiculous – have you been to Cuba (without Castroites overseer)? Do you know that NO Black Cubans have management jobs in the bureaucracy? That very few are permitted to have access to tourist tips? That 100% of ALL income received from tourists goes into the Castros pockets – they are owners of all property and assets in name or through their control of Minint and the Army? That they sell flesh – they charge resort companies market rates for their hotel workers and pay them $20 / month? That their "doctors" receive $30 / month and that the classes are so large that it costs the government abotu $0.20 per month to teach a student (to a level we would describe as "paramedic) and they charge the recipient countries $2,0000/month?
    It is the most racist anti-back country in the hemisphere.
    That's why so many black people get eaten by sharks trying to escape.

  19. In my 20th trip to Havana last month, as I was waiting for the airport shuttle at 6 am a young black man came up to me and asked me to help – which I have been doing for a long time. He told me how on the Sunday before he and his friends had protested at Parque Central – and they had been beaten with batons by the Minint police and thrown in jail. He told me people in America need to know. As far as I can see the current USA administration likes dictators that beat and imprison black people.

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