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10 thoughts on “When Charlie Rose Asked Sister Soulja About Systematic Oppression This Sensational Answer Was Not What He Expected


  2. Ezra Taylor says:

    Is that all you got from this discussion? She's wearing straight weave. Pitiful.

  3. Surprise to see her with straight weave a symbol of white mainstream.

  4. Lord Wind says:

    Why is straight weave a symbol of white mainstream? Have you not met many Blacks from Ethiopia or Somalia? There is no one "look" of Blacks. That is the probem with YOU African-Amercians, you think you define "blackness" when YOU are genetically 20% white! With your culture's low rate of education, lol, 16% have a college education, and half of that are in empirical sciences, you do not define "Blackness" for us. 7% of you commit almost 50% of the murders. Oops! I know! I know! It is all a lie! lol Everyone is lying on YOU! But only YOU! Phyllis, how about you take your 20% whiteness and define white mainstream. And you are an elementary teacher? lol How about you African-Americans tell us your "high cultural values". lol Oops! You have none! lol And you claim people hate you only because of white supremacy. It has nothing to do, at all, as to how your community is perceived in the world. Hell, even my family in Africa question YOU! We are coming to America and getting an education at a higher rate than YOU African-Americans. We are "blacker" than YOU in genetics, shade color and THOUGHT! I almost detest that many of you call yourselves "African" American. All people come from "Africa," genetically, and you are no more "African" than your close genetic relatives, white people! How about you stop focusing on a silly hair do, and focus on the message that Sister Souljah shared? Your confusion is a sign of genetic inferiority which is marked by your white great great great foreparents being raped by whites. I am happy that other ethnicities of REAL AFRICANS are becoming AFRICAN AMERICANS. Your ethnic group is nothing like ours, and, with your attitude, never shal the two intertwine. My ethnic group is doing quite well in America with a high rate of education and economic progressiveness; and we do not sit and whine about "Duh white man" all day. To hell with him! And, lol, to hell with his little mutt offsprings, too! lol Even though Sister Souljah is also a genetic MUTT, I'd take her and her weave over you, Ms. Elementary "Teacher," any day of the week! lol

  5. Wow. This convo might as well of been in 2015. Deep. And BTW….this is Bill Moyer….not Charlie Rose.

  6. Sorry. Bill Moyers. Let me not misspell my buddy's name.

  7. Too bad you couldn't stay in Africa and build your own countries. What….there's no good schools in Africa ? Why come thousands of miles to get an education if your African education is so great ? If Africa is so great, there would be no need to come here for an education. Go on, let the Chinese finish building you a road. lol

  8. The United States treats people of color as a man holding a gun to his head and pulling the trigger. The Constitution and laws were written by white men. The police are used to eliminate black people. Jails to control black people. Family Planning was establish to kill the black man. They put drugs in our neighborhoods that festered into gangs killing each other over corners and land. The black family structure has corroded. We are in a continuing battle to survive.

  9. well said S Baptiste Brooks

  10. Nolan Clark says:

    Willie Lynch Letter, Back in Virginia 1712 a man from Jamaica came to America and said I could help you with this where black Folk will never ever organize again he said I got a lot of experience on how to treat Blacks they paid Willie Lynch as a consultant to help. He said, I will divide them along skin color, age, sex, tribe everything I will divide them so they will never ever come together, organize, they will never have a community that’s functional as he stated blacks began to (Rat) on each other. Go here: :

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