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One thought on “On the Anniversary of Michael Brown’s Death, Black Activists Recall How Social Media Was Used to Tell the Real Story from Ferguson to Baltimore

  1. Allen Thomas says:

    Social media and George Soros's funding of professional agitators are key factors. But what I find disturbing is the appearance of white scum gun nuts showing up.

    This is the problem with the second amendment – free, law abiding armed militias protecting their homes, their neighbors, their communities and their businesses. This is very disrupting to George Soros's paid professional agitators who have the God-give right to burn, loot, and assault the residents and police in any neighborhood that they choose. Everyone knows that arson, looting, discharging weapons, and assault are minor offenses when your cause in righteous.

    The fact that 5, yes 5, gun nuts showed up to display a show of forces is proof that Ferguson is a culturally backward, unenlightened community. Any black community would welcome vandals in with open arms. It is well-known that the NRA was formed in part to repeal gun laws that prevented black people from own weapons. Give me a break…like black people needed weapons to prevent lynching demonstrations in the Democrat/KKK south. Please.

    Ferguson and St. Louis residents learn from that history, disarm themselves and just go back to their homes and allow the masked BLM vigilantes to vent their rage by destroying the town. After a month or so, life can go back to normal.

    Fighting extremists and standing up to bullies is not the job of private citizens. It’s the job of professional politicians who understand the gravity of the grievances of the aggrieved. Soros's BLM organization may not have the law on their side, but who can disagree that their cause doesn't trumps law and civil behavior. The citizens of Ferguson and St Louis need to get the message. Let Freedom rage.

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