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#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Shut Down Bernie Sanders Seattle Rally

Black Lives Matter protestors interrupting Bernie Sanders rally (Photo: KCPQ TV)

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupting Bernie Sanders rally (Photo: KCPQ TV)

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted a planned Seattle rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday afternoon, preventing the Vermont Senator’s scheduled speech on Social Security and Medicaid from taking place.

Sanders, who previously was interrupted at Netroots Nation by Black Lives Matter protesters, was asked to come to the microphone to be held accountable. Protesters motioned him over, saying Sanders has “yet to put out a criminal justice reform package like O’Malley did”.

The protesters listed grievances against school disparities, gentrification and police violence in Seattle before requesting a moment of silence to commemorate the one year anniversary of Mike Brown being killed by law enforcement in Ferguson, MO.

While many in the crowd remained silent for the four and half minutes, many others cursed and booed for the protesters to get off the stage.

Sanders left the stage without responding to the grievances or giving his prepared speech. He later posted this press release on his website.

I am disappointed that two people disrupted a rally attended by thousands at which I was invited to speak about fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare. I was especially disappointed because on criminal justice reform and the need to fight racism there is no other candidate for president who will fight harder than me.

The organizers of the protest warned Sanders and other candidates of the urgency to not just discuss, but present solutions for systemic issues facing Blacks in America. In a statement issued later, the BLM Seattle chapter said, “Presidential candidates will not win Black votes without putting out an explicit criminal justice reform package. As was said at the Netroots action, presidential candidates should expect to be shut down and confronted every step along the way of this presidential campaign.”

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4 thoughts on “#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Shut Down Bernie Sanders Seattle Rally

  1. Russell Cole says:

    So you disrupt the "rally" (spelling counts) of the candidate with the strongest civil rights record?! Bernie marched with Dr. King and they faced opposition far greater than 15,000 liberals. Call me when you push Donald Trump, Scott Walker or Bobby Jindal off the stage. If any in the GOP clown car get elected, you can file BlackLivesMatter under "null and void"…along with the Voting Rights Act. If you're going to lead an effective political movement, it would help to know who's on your side.

  2. Laura Chorba says:

    Not sure why you wouldn't want to protest Walker you know the person who will be president next if you do not get together and VOTE

  3. Amlak Nigus says:

    this is COINTELPRO they are not affiliated with BLM Seattle, they are trying to turn progressive groups against each other

  4. It was embarrassing to watch these narcissistic, bullying and above all shortsighted misandrists as they again disrespected and attacked our one best hope for economic, civil AND racial justice in America. #BlackLivesMatter is a loosely affiliated amalgam of people with differing agendas, all elbowing each other to feed at the great George Soros funding trough.

    Soros is Hillary Clinton’s largest donor and supporter, and sits on her SuperPAC Board:

    Soros also funds Black Lives Matter

    The result is that there is now a coordinated effort on the part of several black activists and groups to discredit Bernie Sanders among the general population but especially among Black Americans. Shameful, really. Poor Bernie – interrupted 2x in a row now when he has the best record on civil rights of anyone! … I guess this horrible case of political sabotage is just one more indication that the Clintonistas are Feeling the Bern!! #BLMHRCWTF

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