Why You Should Treat Your Spouse Like a Business Partner

Black couple at the table talking

Black couple at the table talking

Many people like to think that marriage is a union between two people, in love, who ride off into the sunset upon saying “I Do.” Once the sun goes down, the business of marriage begins. Treating your marriage like a business partnership will not only get your relationship on the right track, but it will also strengthen your union.

Below are tips for applying business tactics to your marriage.

Choose Someone Who Complements You

The most successful business partnerships are made between people who complement each other well — neither their weaknesses nor their strengths are the same. The same holds true in marriage. A relationship built between two people with diverse strengths and talents is well prepared for various challenges that couples face.

Get and Stay on One Accord

In order for any business to sustain, you have to be on the same page as your partner with the goals of the business, how you plan to achieve these goals as well as each partner’s stake. In marriage, there has to be a detailed conversation about important matters like family planning (when family planning will begin and the number of children) or financial goals (how you two will build wealth) so that you and your spouse stay aligned.

Create Roles

Delegating specific duties to each partner and/or having each partner responsible for one aspect of the business help to streamline the process and day-to-day operations. To make the day-to-day process of your marriage run smoothly, you and your spouse should discuss the handling of certain items like paying the bills, booking the children’s doctor visits, booking hotel rooms for trips, etc.

Ask for Help

Passion and talent are great, but every business needs outside help. Most successful companies hire consultants to come in and assist with areas in which they are weak. Instead of waiting until you have a major rough patch arise in your marriage, improve your already great relationship by bringing in a consultant (marriage counselor) quarterly or monthly to discuss any problems. This will help you articulate what’s on your mind especially if you can’t find the words; therefore, eliminating any built-up frustration.

Constantly Learn

The best business people are ones who are constantly learning about their industry, are staying abreast of trends in their niche and are frequently studying their target market. There’s always more to learn about your spouse as his/her interests might change over the years as well as learning about unknown stories from the past that have helped shaped their personality or behaviors.


Alyssa Rachelle has been married for two years. She lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, 4-month-old daughter and 9-year-old cocker spaniel.

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