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#KerrickTrial Jury Views Dash-Cam Video of Moment Jonathan Ferrell Was Shot by Charlotte Police

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Full Dash-Cam Video shown to #KerrickTrial Jury (viewer discretion advised):

On Wednesday, jurors were shown a police dash-cam video from the night officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick shot and killed Jonathan Ferrell, a Black man looking for help after a car crash.

In the video, Ferrell is shown walking alongside the curb as Kerrick’s patrol cruiser pulls up. Without identifying themselves or issuing orders, a taser is fired at Ferrell. He then begins running toward the cruiser and out of the frame as someone yells, “Get on the ground!” Twelve shots are then fired.

Ferrel, 24, was killed after being hit a total of 10 times.

Twitter responded with questions to the episode and trial.

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2 thoughts on “#KerrickTrial Jury Views Dash-Cam Video of Moment Jonathan Ferrell Was Shot by Charlotte Police

  1. This long to release the dash cam. Here's a couple of BASIC questions: How do I know that is Jonathan Ferrell? How do I know those are the supposed cops who shot him? How do I know this is not a doctored video to incite more anger/race baiting? They killed an unarmed man. If they were not cops, they'd be prosecuted, so prosecute them. In my estimation, no matter what the condition, the cops are the LAST people I will call for anything.

  2. Alex Primo says:

    We don't need videos to figure out that we are being culled. History teaches us this without fail. We need to stop playing their games. They lie. They plant evidence. They even lose evidence. They fabricate details to support each other. They are known criminals. They are epic liars. They have raped countries and mauled continents. Why in the world do we need proof on top of proof before we believe what we already know? They are murderers and commit atrocities of the highest order against man, nature, and God. Black Thoughts and Theory: The Radio Show

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