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The Family of #SandraBland Files a Federal Lawsuit Against the Arresting Trooper and Others

Undated photo of Sandra Bland, posing for the photo

Undated photo of Sandra Bland, posing for the photo

At the federal courthouse in downtown Houston on Tuesday morning, attorneys representing Sandra Bland’s family said they are filing a lawsuit against trooper Brian Encinia and others that they allege are responsible for the death of Sandra Bland.

Sandra Bland’s traffic stop and subsequent death inside of a Waller County Texas jail cell sparked suspicion of foul play, and has drawn significant social media attention since July 13, when Bland was found unresponsive in her cell. Officials claim Bland hung herself with a garbage bag while awaiting bond for release.

“The bottom line is, she never should have been inside of a jail, period,” said Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, at a televised news conference.

The lawsuit accuses Encinia of assault during the arrest and “wanton conduct” that violated Bland’s constitutional rights.

The family’s attorney said the family is suing for answers and accountability, not for money.

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