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5 thoughts on “Obama Berates Africans Over Skin Prejudice, While Remaining Silent on Global White Supremacy

  1. Obama definitely has a point. While white supremacy might be an issue I think black unity is equally as important. We need to support each other and our businesses.

  2. Pa Lew says:

    So why couldn't he give this speech to a group of white Americans?

  3. Yes, he did and for a reason best known to him. Perhaps he was trying to show that Blacks, too, can be "racist." Or like white visitors to Africa, he had to highlight an "exotic" story with which to upbraid the Africans. While one should condemn violence done to albinos in Tanzania, it should, however, be noted that this is not a pervasive African problem. I have several albino friends and relatives who have never suffered any form of discrimination or violence, but have been fully accepted and loved by the community. Rather the president should have condemned violent and widespread Arab racism practiced by North Africans against Black Africans-even fellow Muislims
    Dr. Norm.

  4. he will never do that which is why I don't listen to him, period.

  5. he got some damn nerve to lecture africans about discrimination based on skin color when he has never spoke to white people about that when they are the prime preveyors of racism based on skin color which has effected the whole damn world.

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