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12 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why It’s More Accurate to Compare White People to Monkeys

  1. We can take that even further. Monkeys also have thin lips, flat asses and an unimpressive bone structure….hmmmmmmmm

  2. So..Apes have flat noses, big asses,and probably a lot of rhythm..What's your point?

  3. David DiLuzio …lol, I don't know what kind of ape you were looking at, but apes do NOT have big asses. And as far as rhythm, that's actually funny. Apes have flat noses, flat asses, thin to no lips, hair all over their body, unimpressive bone structure.. Other than the flat nose, white people have the exact same features. Now what was your point again?

  4. God damn i hate these Q&A comments "finally some smart people talking". Yeah because everyone else is an idiot, and being a decent astrophysicist and scientific communicator makes you an expert on sociopolitical issues.

    Also, can people stop misunderstanding evolution and it's mechanisms, seriously. An increasing number of phentyptic or even gentotypic differences compared to another species, say apes, does not equate to being more or less evolved. Apes and humans and blacks and whites and dogs and viruses are all as evolved as each other.

  5. Juanita V White shut your whore mouth

  6. Ollie Klenthis …Lol Ollie…say that to the cunt that gave birth to ya

  7. apes aren't monkey's, Niel conflates for comedy destroying his own example, but not the over arching punchy comment.
    I hope.
    Naturally the title of this article or peice is very wrong.
    AND there's a Swift music video portaying an african continent without black people. Not enough hair.
    should'a shot the video in Italy. or France.

  8. I'm sorry, but I've seen plenty of black people with hair all over their bodies.

  9. Phylogenetically speaking, apes are monkeys, since some monkeys are more related to apes than to other monkeys, and the last common ancestor of all monkeys is also the ancestor of apes.

  10. collectively. try to see the big picture. collectively, black people are way less hairy than (collectively) white people.

  11. How many black people have you had the opportunity to see all over their bodies? ijs

  12. As usual, white people, when faced with examples of their failings, go on the attack. How very droll. Jane Elliot is right about you. Keyboard warriors need not reply as it is very unlikely that we would ever meet.

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