10 European Kings, Queens and Noblemen Who Would Be Considered Black by the ‘One Drop’ Rule


King Charles II

King Charles II (May 29, 1630 – Feb. 6, 1685)

Codfried released a text titled Blue Blood is Black Blood. In the text, he expounds upon the regal roles that Black people played during the Middle Ages in Europe. He also confirms that King Charles II was Black. To further prove his claim, he expresses the following: “Inside The Drake Jewel is a miniature of Queen Elizabeth I. Her father’s sister Mary Tudor was the grandmother of Mary of Scots. Mary of Scots’ son was James I who married Anne of Denmark. They were the grandparents of Charles II Stuart who was named ‘The Black Boy.’”



Queen Elizabeth IQueen Elizabeth I (Sept. 7,  1533 –  March 24, 1603)

According to a September 2014 BBC article, there were so many Black people in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, that in 1596 she demanded that they be expelled from the country. Interestingly enough, however, the queen may have had Black blood flowing through her own veins. In fact, in 1557, Giovanni Michiele, who was a Roman Catholic cardinal and bishop of Italy at the time, stated that “she [was] tall and well-formed, with good skin, though swarthy.” Additionally, in her book, The Life of Elizabeth I, Allison Weir confirms that she would often lighten her skin “with a lotion made up of egg-whites, powdered eggshell, poppy seeds, borax and alum, which made her face appear white and luminous.” It seems as though the queen made a conscious effort to hide her Blackness.

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