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One thought on “This Lady Makes an Argument for Why Women Should Stop Fighting for Equality — and It’s Unexpectedly Amazing

  1. Terrific! I also watched another amazing video, the MTV “White People.” The Millennial Generation get it, they truly see through the nonsense and addressing the term and the true meaning of "equality" is where the debate must start because, we may be equal in spirit but we are not equal in talent and never will be. Equality as a political tool is nothing more than communist/ socialist import and construct, where capitalism is for a few, and collectivism for masses. So, wisely they get it, e.g. in a 2002 book, “Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation, by feminist historian Kate Weigand is the reason gender equality miss the mark because it has nothing to do with independence, person growth and development, it is an arm of the establishment disguised as something it is not–a tool for dumbing the masses. Kudo to the millennials.

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