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22 thoughts on “Breaking: Texas Authorities Release New Sandra Bland Video as She’s Being Booked Into Jail

  1. Kelly Dobson says:

    What did that prove and you couldn't even hear anything

  2. Disgusting and depressing all for a lane change signal violation and she said that she was just moving over to allow the offier to pass on the road.

  3. Tonya Bunn says:

    Perhaps that she wasn't combative as they stated.

  4. the cop hit her head hard against the ground and she may have had a hematoma where she died a few days after the trauma to her head. did the family get an outside autopsy? did you notice the female jailer about to examine her scalp when the video cut?

  5. Penny Frank says:

    Hold up!!! What did that jailer pick up off that table? Because is looked like a syringe. Look at the jailer's hand after he leaves the table. It looks like he's got his thumb on the plunger. Why so little footage? If nothing happened. why can't we see more? All this proves is that she was alive when she arrived. For how long was she alive though?

  6. Byron Ahmad says:

    this bull shiiit I want to see the whole thing

  7. That is not her she does not even have on the same dress nor is that her hair in locs a cover up and a black and white photo.

  8. You retards will never be convinced.

  9. If she was too inconsiderate to signal her lane change, and too stupid to signal it even when she saw a cop car behind her, she shouldn't have been driving.

  10. She SAID the cop hit her head against the ground, but that was just part of her histrionics.

  11. Charlie Willock you shouldn't be here. you shouldn't be talking, mind your business, honky from freetownm sl

  12. ThtzThtz noth…er.She hadona diffe rent

  13. This tells nothing totally white wash bull shit……..

  14. Tonya Bunn She was plumb tuckered out from her earlier combat.

  15. Charlie Willock histrionics my ass, dr willock

  16. Dredd Scott says:

    listen america: the poor, especially the black poor, remain in the economical trap.driving/walking/breathing while black are all excuses to be MULCTED….learn this word for it is key to understanding beyond the obvious viciousness of the oppressor – remember they came for economical purposes regardless of the mythological notion of bringing "civilization"…to be MULCTED is the process of extracting money from someone via a bogus fine or tax…it is as ugly and pernicious as it sounds, it is the way the usa achieved the industrial revolution because those mulcted would also spend time in forced labor camps from the chain gang to mining on the criminal charge of being black. more effective and profitable than slavery because the owners of production did not have to provide the forced laborers any respite nor deal with the issue of family attachment. once they were snatched by the POLICE all social supports were gone…this knowledge is embedded in our collective unconscious of ALL americans which is obvious in Ms Bland's and the cops voice. he is the embodiment of the HIGH SHERIFF….her bail/fine is the mulctification of black americans. her death is the goal of the corporate institution known as the united states of america. her eradiction is to ease their guilt while feeding their greed…"emancipate youself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind…" nesta marley

  17. Uncle Charlie I will pardon your ignorance and as difficult I'll try and wish you the best.

  18. Farntella Graham Just try and stop me!

  19. Farntella Graham She was hysterical.

  20. The video was cut as soon as the officer went to look at her head where is the whole video I wonder

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