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2 thoughts on “This Former NYPD Officer Explains Why in Cases Like Sandra Bland’s the Onus Is on the Cop as the Trained Professional

  1. See the problem is there are WAY TOO MANY in law enforcement, that are NOT professionals, but state paid bullies, and their actions show them to be just that, thugs in uniforms. And the police officers that are the professionals, stand silent, and allow this sickness to continue. And until there is some form of accountability, the bad police officers will continue to do these types of acts.

  2. ll laws are made up by white people so the law protect cops. They really been given the right to do what they want to do and hide behind the badge. They know white gonna stick together. I feel that there bullies that been bullied. It's to much bad cops gone wrong everywhere. They lie,steal,cheat. But when it comes down to it we as black people still getting pencil whoop if not killed. So I don't understand why the Government, State are who ever can't take control of this matter. I Don't hear of many black cops killing whites. But let it start happening it will be world wide. They will continue until new law set in place to limit what they can and cannot do. Yes I fear of cops because I can be innocent not guilty of no crime but by the time they get done I'm arrested for what. Total unfair.

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