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17 thoughts on “Texas Officials Release Surveillance Footage in Jail Death of Sandra Bland, But is There Something Missing?

  1. What did the black officer place in that container at the beginning of the video???

  2. Lisa Blythe says:

    video don't show nothing where the footage before the paramedics got there at? show who went into her room before paramedics they hiding something they murdered this girl.

  3. Lisa Blythe says:

    white people are barbaric devils cant trust one of them just sad another innocent life taken in the hands of the devils.

  4. Dawn Philips says:

    Why is that inmate walking around?? That's my biggest question right now

  5. Probably a "trustee"!

  6. Where was the urgency for that black officer in the left corner and that inmate who is looking shady?! Something looks fishy!!

  7. I was a Corrections Officer in NJ for 23 years. In NJ we are also sworn law enforcement Officers. I was a Lieutenant and a Shift Commander for my last five of those years before I retired in 2013. I've seen a lot, done a lot, and watched a lot of videos to review incidents including suicides. THERE IS A WHOLE LOT MISSING IN THAT VIDEO. THE PART WHERE SHE IS BROUGHT IN AND PLACED IN THE CELL, AND THE FOOTAGE SHOWING WHETHER ANY OFFICERS ENTERED THE CELL AFTER SHE WAS PLACED IN IT, AND THE MOMENTS JUST BEFORE SHE'S DISCOVERED HANGING. In my profession, if that was all the footage left to review, there would be some people facing criminal charges for tampering with evidence. Internal Affairs would have a fit. They should be ashamed to even try to put that one over on people. Every minute of footage from the time she entered that area until she was carried out would be evidence in a possible criminal investigation. But then again, we are talking about Texas.

  8. Karen Lyttle says:

    We wanna see from the time she was brought in straight through till her demise

  9. I didn't see a body on the strecher

  10. Jamie Kahs says:

    Burn in hell animal

  11. Lisa Blythe says:

    Jamie Kahs last time I checked YOUR THE NEANDERTHAL u the one with the MONKEY GENE but you wana call me a animal ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  12. Texas Moto: Come to Texas we will kill you and sell your organs!

  13. Were is the organ transplant cooler? I know its there somewhere!

  14. Pa Lew says:

    No timestamp and cutscenes means there is something to hide. And why are they taking a recording of a recording as if they have a camera recording a TV?

  15. Jamie Kahs You are the animal with no conscience and respect for human lives,either black colored. With the video shown it's evident something is fishy here and you should bow your head in shame for the color of your skin cos you whites are killers and barbarians with no dignity for human lives,you fool.

  16. Florida Rj says:

    This was straight-up murder. He kicked her in the head(which we have a recording of) on the side of the road and started an edema in her brain. She didnt notice anything wrong because of the adrenalin and the fact that it can take an edema a while to do damage that she would notice. Then she goes to sleep and doesnt wake up. The jailhouse custodians then faked a suicide and corrupt coroners faked the evidence.

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