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CW Seed Welcomes Black Super Heroine ‘Vixen’ to Upcoming Roster

VixenHuffington Post reports that DC Comics has announced that on August 25, their first Black female super heroine will hit the ground running with her own show, Vixen.

The Vixen web series will air through CW Seed, an extension of the CW Network.

Vixen, who was created in 1978 by Gerry Conway and Bob Oskner, is a super heroine that doesn’t fit true to form. Mari “Vixen,” McCabe, who’s originally from Africa, gains her superpowers from a magical amulet called the Tantu Totem. The amulet necklace allows her to have the powers of any animal her imagination can conjure up. Vixen received the necklace after the death of her parents.

Gerry Conway came up with the idea for Vixen because he wanted to fill a void in the comic book world.

“I also wanted to create a character who was a minority, and the idea of a female Black super-heroine hadn’t been played up to any great extent at that point,” he said.

In recent years, Vixen has been featured in another DC series, appearing on Cartoon Network’s Justice League Unlimited. She was half of a Black superhero couple, along with Green Lantern John Stewart.

The trailer was released at Comic-Con this past weekend and the CW has since released it through their platform as well. The trailer, or rather the teaser, exhibits a small portion of what the storyline will look like.

Entertainment Weekly reports, “As the trailer shows, Mari will be joined by Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, voiced by their live-action counterparts, Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin. The trailer also features another Flash alum, as Carlos Valdes lends his voice to Cisco who, as has become his position in the group, gives McCabe her superhero name.”

Though the show will be featured on the CW Network, WB animations also has its hand in the pot as well, handling animation for the series. DC Comics and WB have worked together before with  Static Shock, which was based on the DC Comics African American superhero, Static. The show went on to have major success for four seasons until its end in 2004.


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