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8 Things You Should Know About How Black People Are Treated In Thailand

The culture of Thailand is characterized by the detestation of dark skin.

Nationally, Thais have an aversion to dark skin. As a result, the Black people of Thailand are generally deemed inferior. Many people claim that this adopted notion was established by the Europeans of the area. The people of Thailand believe that it is necessary to appear as white as possible. Skin lightening creams are commonly embraced and heavily advertised. In fact, in 2013, Dr. Yukti Mukdawijitra, an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Thammasat University in Thailand, told The New Yorker, “The notion that white skin is good and black skin is bad is ’embedded in Thai culture’ and that doesn’t seem to be changing.”




The Black minstrel is still a common source of advertisement and entertainment. 

The presence and utilization of the traditionally racist Black minstrel is overtly accepted. In fact, this offensive character is deemed comical. Yet, the Thais’ true feelings regarding Black skin cannot be hidden by what is intended to be comic relief. In 2013, Dunkin’ Donuts launched an ad that openly exhibited the offensive concept of “blackface.” According the an article released by The Guardian, the ad “shows a woman apparently wearing dark make-up and bright pink lipstick, with a 1950s beehive hairstyle. She is holding a ‘charcoal donut’, out of which a bite has been taken. The slogan next to the image reads: ‘Break every rule of deliciousness.’”

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