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2 thoughts on “This Video Uncovers Some Shocking Truths on What Appears to be a Deliberate Effort to Leave Black People Out of The History of New Hampshire

  1. and they try to act like it was all happening down south. We were here before all these other immigrants who have come here and done quite well for themselves but WE remain on the bottom. america is shit when it comes to the decendants of its Black slaves. damn them to hell for all eternity.

  2. Tranquila BA says:

    Many of which are also the sons and daughters of slave owners. They condemned their own children to a monstrous life and went about their merry way simply because they were a different color or were living proof of their rapey ways. Their other descendants are still trying to force people to live as they say including what they can do with their own bodies, thoughts and emotions.

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