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16 thoughts on “This Is a Thought Provoking Rendition on What July 4th Should Mean For Black Americans

  1. David Rose says:

    Strong Words….

  2. Comments to come are the Koons with "black on black crime" and "African sold slaves too" comments.

  3. Sam Rose says:

    It's interesting that Morgan Freeman would voice that when he believes the cure for racism is to stop talking about it.

  4. Daryl Horton says:

    Morgan Freeman didn't voice that. This video was made using a reading Morgan Freeman did where he, as many others have, read a famous speech by Frederick Douglass.

  5. Sam Rose says:

    I know it was a recorded reading. What I'm saying is I'm surprised Freeman bothered recording those famous lines when he doesn't seem to agree with the sentiments. Though maybe he recorded that a while ago, before he decided racism is no biggie and will disappear when we ignore it.

  6. Morgan Freeman never said stop talking about racism! He talks about it often and how he thinks it will never go away. What you are referring to is a incomplete quote. A single sentence in a whole conversation. He was talking about labels and why everyone but white have to labeled as something like African American instead just America. And how why can't he be called a man instead of a black man. I find it amazing that folks think an intelligent 78 year old black man you really say just ignore racism.

  7. Dredd Scott says:

    when mentioned that africans also owned slaves, the term must be defined. for example, so-called "open" systems of slavery allowed the possibility of one buying one's freedom…this was largely possible, but extremely difficult to attain. But was hope. In the so-called "close" system imposed by the usa, one's forced enslavement would never end. This emphatic denial of humanity by the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government – understand there were no protections other than armed self-defense against the rape and murder of white upon black – was reinforced by becoming the only recorded society to legally deny their progeny. In Africa frequently heads of households, states, and countries were themselves either former or descendants of slaves. In many western kingdoms of Africa to be a slave was neither odious nor fatal. This was also true for warfare. In balanced societies genetic information was shared and insured via ritualized, institutionalized social vehicles recognized as war and enslavement. The use of skin coloration as a determinate for the commercialization and comodification of blacks' enormous economic dominance in north america – a social construct without any scientific basis whatsoever – introduced such a convenient.
    explanation, justification, and rationalization of enslavement and white supremacist thinking.
    that it persists – indeed, thrives – to this day. The deeply rooted guilt in the collective white psyche drives their denial to recognize the truth of their legacy. their white fragility forbids any honesty to be voiced. Ultimately, it is compounded by the paralyzing, suicide-provoking thoughts that they would receive equal treatment in an american society minus white privilege, a treatment equal to the genocides perpetuated on the red, black, brown and poor whites of my country 'tis of thee. sweetland of liberty. indeed..

  8. Sam Rose says:

    Eustance-Im certainly not basing my thoughts or opinions on 1 line of anything. In more than 1 interview he has said things that I disagree with, though I still agree with other opinions hrs shared. I agree that he is intelligent.

  9. I don't know who you are, but thank you.

  10. Zena Edwards says:

    Oof…body blow. Jab jab. Couple of upper cuts. KO.
    Morgan was not playing when he chose to read and record this poem. As. Celeb, you don't read these lyrics lightly.

  11. The first thing I heard when I woke up this morning was a commercial that said "ON this day in 1776 All men were determined to be equal"? GTFOH

  12. Farod Oneal says:

    I didn't like how it ended. ""America" reigns without rival", should be changed to "Racism/White Supremacy reigns without rival". "America" can't be Racists. Only White people that believe in the mistreatment and domination of people based on skin color can.

  13. Devils I don't celebrate a day that you had us enslaves and still got us enslaves in your modern day prisons! What gives the non melanin people the right to take power from the melanin people that was her long before you even existed.

  14. Beth Bailey says:

    So what should a black man be called now?? Over the years it's changed so many times, "Negro","colored", "AfricanAmerican","Black".,"Coons".
    We have been called "Peckerwoods",Honkies",Crackers",Whitey",and more I can't remember.This is nothing new. I remember hearing names like"Spic",Limey","Gook""Greaser",Whop","Zipperheads","Chinks"," Frogs",Krauts",and on and on. Of course we are no longer able to say the "N" word,that would be like blasphemy. NONE of these are acceptable but they aren't going away. Racism paints with a wide brush.

  15. Derek Wilson says:

    We should start a petition on to abolish slavery…

  16. Here's Scott Williams 's Koon call

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