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3 thoughts on “Kwame Ture Gives One of the Clearest Explanations for Why Haiti Is at the Center of African Liberation in the West

  1. Very good. However, after the Haitian revolution the great majority of Haitians became slaves of the new elite until today.

  2. Carl Snowden says:

    Brother Kwame is so clear, so enlightening. Few had his charisma and insight. I will always remember his emphasis on being an African people. His contributions will inspire new generations.

    I remember hearing him speak at Malcolm X Park in Washington, D.C. at a huge African Liberation Day rally one year. This brother spoke with such clarity connecting the struggles in Southern Africa with the African-American struggle calling on his audince to form a "Black United Front".

    I would later interview him for a radio station in Annnapolis, Maryland. I will always treasure that interview.

    There are not many men who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. and loved Malcolm and combined the best of both men to create a life time committed to the liberation of his people.

    May God's peace be his reward. Rest in Peace my brother, others will now take up the mantle.

    A Luta Continua!

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