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Plantation Tour Guide Reveals Things White People Want to Deny About About Slavery

ABS_slaveryWhite tourists visit a Southern slave plantation and ask the tour guide questions. What could possibly go wrong?

The questions reveal a great deal about white attitudes, denial and ignorance about racism and America’s troubling legacy of slavery, which have come to the forefront in the recent debates, discussions and acts of racial violence in which the Confederate flag has been implicated.

In a revealing account on Vox, Margarte Biser, a white woman who was until very recently a guide on an old plantation, which during the Antebellum days enslaved 100 Black people, had some interesting stories to share.

According to Biser, many of the predominantly white tourists who visited the plantation were not accustomed to discussions about slavery when visiting such sites, and often had quaint, distorted notions of benevolent paternalistic masters who cared for their happy slaves.

“Listen, I just wanted to say that dragging all this slavery stuff up again is bringing down America,” one man once told Biser.

In addition, she often received questions and comments such as this:

“Did the slaves here appreciate the care they got from their mistress?”

“These were house slaves, so they must have had a pretty all right life, right?”

“Well, you know they [Irish, Polish, Jews, etc.] had it almost as bad as/just as bad as/much worse than slaves did.”

“If you think about it economically, they don’t work as hard if you don’t feed ’em!”

“Were they loyal? They gave ’em food. Gave ’em a place to live.”

Such narratives are pathological, as they downplay or even ignore the reality of uprisings and the slave patrols, including the police state legal apparatus that was constructed to keep slaves in line and on the plantation. Moreover, such discussions and whitewashing of history absolve these white folks and their ancestors of any guilt. Further, it allows them to change the subject and not even begin to address the monsters their ancestors apparently were, because even then, someone knew this was wrong.

There are numerous lies that children are taught about slavery, if they are taught anything at all. For example, there is the textbook promoted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans which claimed that thousands of Black men fought in the Confederate army, or that President Lincoln was strongly opposed to slavery, when in fact he was conflicted. Certainly the cruel barbarity of slavery is downplayed, just as the white supremacist terror group known as the Ku Klux Klan is elevated to the status of noble reformers, as was the case in a textbook published by Bob Jones University.

Further, slavery is often depicted as a southern phenomenon, when in reality it existed in the north, which also benefited from the institution financially even when the practice was finally relegated to the south. Slavery was not merely about denying people basic rights of modern citizenship, it was about murder, kidnapping and robbery. Meanwhile, some would perpetuate the myth that slavery was separate and distinct from the system of American capitalism, when slavery actually built American capitalism.

It is said that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. We cannot address slavery and the present-day legacy of institutional racism and discrimination unless we come to terms with our past. For white America, it means addressing and dealing with white supremacy and white skin privilege, and the badge of slavery placed on Black people.

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17 thoughts on “Plantation Tour Guide Reveals Things White People Want to Deny About About Slavery

  1. Modern thoughts of not all, but way too many whites re American slavery.

    “Did the slaves here appreciate the care they got from their mistress?”.
    “These were house slaves, so they must have had a pretty all right life, right?”.
    “Well, you know they [Irish, Polish, Jews, etc.] had it almost as bad as/just as bad as/much worse than slaves did.”.
    “If you think about it economically, they don’t work as hard if you don’t feed ’em!”.
    “Were they loyal? They gave ’em food. Gave ’em a place to live.”.

    More delusion, and denial of America history.

  2. Lies and fables , those writing this never lived then to a test the truth also the northern states have already erased slavery from their history when in face slavery continued until the 1880s in the north

  3. Real History about slavery is not taught and has been replaced if at all by, and with lies and fables about slavery in the north, south, east and west. Guilt and Hate festering disease.

  4. It's the point they keep preaching of slavery in south but not a word of it in the north , what is all the hype about a time in history that no one today lived nor experinced nor has nothing to do today , all this hate and racism against white people today that didn't have a damn thing to do with it and most blacks don't have forefathers that were slaves and for sites like this to print lies and falcons of dreams that didn't happen is a crime of it self

  5. You can't hide from the truth and can't continue to pee on people and expect them to keep believing that it's rain. Nine innocent people were murdered last week from the legacy that you're hiding from. You can hide no longer.

  6. Yes no one is alive today that was a slave, but, trust, and believe the benefits to America in general, and some families are STILL accruing today from slavery., Jim Cross, and segregation. Today's whites want NONE of the costs of the past, but reap all of the benefits from the same past.

  7. The asinine questions and comments from those tourists are beyond ignorant and insulting. Slavery started with the genocide of millions of Africans that died in slave castles in Africa and on slaveships or in the ocean during the Middle Passage. The psychological damage of being separated from children, not allowed to use their African names or remember their tribes and languages, prevented from worshipping and getting married, and working long days like brute beasts has had lasting effects on slaves and their descendants long after slavery.

  8. Stephen Bellinger todays whites are not responsiable for the pasts cost, what cost you talking about? Nobody nor America is Accruing anything from slavery today. Slavery in the south end in 1865 , in the north ended in mid 1880's, now you trying say over 150 years later that the gorernment and white folks own you something? You did do anything to earn anything for one , 2 go to the nation of Aferica if you think you are owned and get from them first cause they sold their people to slave traders, captured weaker tribes and even some of their own tribes, 3 go to the slave traders the spandards, Dutch, and demand from them they were the ones whom sold the Afericans around the world , 4 then lets everybody know how that works out.. The main question which has not yet been answered is why aren't anyone talking about the dirty rotten slavery of the Northern states?

  9. Jerome McMillan ain't no body hiding, 9 innocent people were killed by a mental deranged 21 year old or from the look of his eyes shot up on pcp , no body but him is responsible for that event. What legacy you talking about? the CIA set up so obemmer holler gun control? now that's a legacy every major shooting a gun control bill is on the house floor or in the process going there, FBI has done admitted sandy hook never occurred after 3 adults the was suppose to died there have been killed in car crashes afterwards… what about the black on white murders, the black on black murders? whom you blaming them on?

  10. The fact you can do whatever you want to human being meaning white men being unfaithful to their wives cuz face it they in love with the coco then being stressed out take all anger on someone who isn't the problem meaning death to the black man cuz white ppl back then and some now are flat out the fuckin devil

  11. Mark Culbertson we are not blaming then on mental conditions. but of course white person is racist and he has a mental problem and on drugs. Nah he was just a normal racist white person. crazy

  12. Mark Culbertson , Once again your missing the point. and this article is pointing out the complete ignorance of some whites like yourself. We as Americans will always have to have this conversation about race and the terror that your ancestors have perpetrated against us blacks and it still goes on today. If you read your last post , once again you try to excuse people like yourself and your ancestors by trying to deflect the attention of how evil some whites have been through out the centuries. Your race has committed some serious atrocities against the human race as a whole and that includes slavery, and the more you try to excuse it , it just reinforces the author of this article point. Get my point?

  13. Francine James-Jones , yep. We call that white-washing history , and history needs to be corrected!

  14. Mark Culbertson , excuses excuses excuses……………..that's the problem ,

  15. OMG, history books tell of blacks selling their children way before they came to the USA in order for them to gain wealth and food, they sold their daughters for cows to eat. OMG, all this slavery crap is getting really old. In the bible the Jews had slaves and they were white! The romans had slaves, Jesus had his followers of which some believe they too were his slaves persay. My great, great, great, great grandma and her daughter were gypsy slaves, It's old, we should be more concerned about what's going on in our world and come together. When was the last time you heard a bunch of white kids destroy a walmart, really GET OVER IT.

  16. They do it every day!!!!!!!!

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