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45 thoughts on “This Man Is a Self-Proclaimed Racist and What He Has to Say About Dylann Roof and the Charleston Massacre Is Shocking 

  1. Lisa Jackson says:

    What is new about it. It's the same thing the only thing different is the date. Black pepeop in the church hold to their old indoctrination that the image of God is white so they allow anyone into their circle of trust, that's not god but the devil in a white sheet.

  2. Oh my gosh! Lisa thank you! Black people are too forgiving. Let that be a black man going into an all white church sitting there for an hour….he wouldn't even be allowed to sit there. Black people need to wake up

  3. Thats Deep says:

    I really appreciate his honesty. He speaks what many whites think!

  4. you can push a person so much before they fight back, except black christian ex slaves, who seem not to understand that… Go figure

  5. Black people wake up. We walking around blind with her eyes open! Praying to their fake God

  6. Its scary living in a society like this where people with most of the wealth and power is claiming to be victims. A society permeated with hatred and xenophobia while the media sells this narrative of muslim terrorist these home grown terrorist are the ones that's a threat especially to black people.
    Even more scary are the ones that subscribe to these ideologies that hold positions of authority and power like prosecutors, judges, police etc. America sadly remains a very hostile environment for black people I just wish we would unite and get our house together.

  7. This is not surprising.

  8. Black people are not the problem. Do these white groups know who ther real enemy is? the issues are with a tribe of their own kind who are smarter and have more money. these same white people allowed this to happen to themselves. they failed to listen to their own leaders who warned them.

  9. Sojourner Jarvis they are killing more of us than we are each other. don't listen to the propaganda.

  10. I bet he somewhere listening to rap songs whip/nene.

  11. Kevin Thomas says:

    Then there is these Broth'as ~ LMAO…Yeah this dude is about as hilarious as a hollywood movie.

  12. Michael Lane says:

    If there is a in fact race or religion war the whites and Christians started it. Everyone else is happy with there being mutliple beliefs but, not the so called true believers who think everyone else is wrong.

  13. Thank You. you just said what I've been saying all week.

  14. This is so blatant and obvious it's almost
    laughable. I'm not talking about Mr. Stupid being blatant.. I'm talking about the choice to give this man the airwaves to express this crap. Whoever chose to allow this has an agenda. Don't be the one so caught up in what he's saying that you miss the bigger picture. There are people behind this. In school we called them instigators. Keep your otherly eyes open. Smh

  15. Dimtsu Tes says:

    I don't see any white power in this, I only see sick & genetically disordered sick people blaming others for their own shortfalls. Get a life. Look at blacks children happy, creative, loving, forgiving & theido not commit rampages or lynch in despite of mistreatment by their government & society. This is what should be a pride.

  16. These idiots don't have a clue what they are talking about. They always try to find some kind of excuse and blame it on blacks. Nobody raping their women, their women give it up like candy on halloween, because their women are just as filthy as them. Taking over their country-they don't have a country, they're poor white trash. These are what they refer to as old "white slaves", today known as white trash. They have no education, no self motivation, no future worth anything so they make it their business to make the rest of America feel guilty because they are a bunch of losers.
    Doesn't really matter what nonsense they come up with, Dylann days are over and if they keep pushing buttons, someone just might snap on them, as some of us are crazy too.

  17. What really gets me with all this is everytime Blacks have tried to have their own, racist whites bombed, burned and raided them, while killing hundreds of black families. Then they complain because we don't want to be their free labor. When they bombed OK, we had systems they couldn't compete with. Inside plumbing and hot water, transportation systems, banks, schools, churches, grocery stores, whatever we needed. Everything they have was from our ideas. They didn't do anything so how would they know what improvements would be needed for better productions. But they took the credit for it all. They came from Europe, took this land from the Indians and blacks and then created laws that have kept blacks in slavery. If European laws is what this country is based on, why don't they go back to Europe and see how that works out for them, since they think we should go back to Africa. Wait, they've taken their hatefulness over there and ruined Africa too. Devils.

  18. First off dude is clearly gay, and confused about history. However because of ppl like that I believe us as black ppl should get guns legally teach our children how to use them and get ready because they are dumb enough to try and start that war. The funny thing is I believe that more white ppl will be on our side than not.

  19. I don't believe the propaganda. I get a lot of my info from reading and personal experience. I've seen a lot of my people kill each other for nothing more than a pair of shoes. Someone's life was taken over shoes. I personally don't know anyone, killed by anyone, other than another black person. My point of saying that was….. In my personal experience, it's blacks killing each other off at a high rate.

  20. Black people are different from the heathens we live amongst. nobody is killing whites in mass anywhere in america.

  21. Lea M. Jones says:

    I'm confused. Who are these people hating on the white race and Christians?

  22. I do not believe you have seen as much killings as you claim, sojourner.

  23. Larry Swopes says:

    Farntella Graham well chi town just had 9 killings last night they were all black, so your point is, we doing more killing of ourself then the white man is in big citys.

  24. Do we have a case in american history where a black man entered in a white church and killed some white folks after chatting with them? Just want to know…

  25. Im so over racists claiming to be chritians… jesus was israeli. Since you are a racist that would make him a sand n***ger. So, no jesus for you…find a new savior.

  26. If he thinks black people are going to stand there and let it happen he's got it all messed up we will fight back so feel frigging and leap!!

  27. Kevin Thomas says:

    You know at night they all be just like this…..


  29. They cut my portion out of the video because Byron Pitts got lit up when he interviewed me…lmao

  30. That's why I keep my shit locked and loaded for rednecks and white trash like him. His last name is originated from Germany, go figure. He shares the same fews as Ashit Hitler. He knows damn he thrilled as hell what that trailer park goat Dylan Roof did. Yall mother Fuckers talking about White Power, what power is that? I hear you talking, but you ain't saying nothing.

  31. The problem I'm having with this whole thing is why the media is giving people airtime to these crap….far as I seeing it's the media fault for spreading these hate gospels as I will call it….it's like they are triggering a hate war..people already have an idea how other people of different races thinks. Not everyone thinks the same but with more media attention. The further apart we all will become

  32. Oh boy, the IRONY of this man bringing up native americans at any point of his stupid argument is to laugh.

  33. Tyler Warden says:

    This guy is embarrassment to white people. What a whiny bitch. Get in the gym kid and take your anger out in more constructive ways. Nobody is oppressing you or destroying your culture because of your skin color its just people just don't like you because you're an over privileged asshole. Wake the fuck up. Its 2015. What an attention whore.

  34. Brenda Nero says:

    TPPPS – Tiny Pink Penis Projection Syndrome

  35. the goal is not rank capitalism and the free market emulation of western economics.

  36. yes, he should have been searched before be allowed in. that simple precaution would have saved lives. we are too damn trusting.

  37. Nick Pane says:

    Jesus was Israeli? Israeli is a nationality and as a nation it's only been in existence since 1948, I think. He's Jewish and there's actually a lot of debate as to which group Jewish people belong to: Mongoloids or Caucasoids. Personally, I don't really care but I thought I'd share some useful information with you.

  38. Lala Simpson says:

    Who is this we?

  39. Lala Simpson says:

    If he wasn't an overweight nerd, I wonder if he would have something else to talk about?

  40. As a black woman. I support their movement and no it's not surprising.This is what happens when you chose not to support your own autonomy and instead choose to live up under whites like kept pets. Depending on them for everything. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.I am for separation from people like this.

  41. John Rain says:

    HAHAHA you're a fucking moron.. you should be going after the real white supremacists in Washington DC and the Jew media. Instead you have these guys in your head.. amazing.

  42. John Rain says:

    What!! Nonsense the highest degree! I see many blacks camouflage amongst whites and in 2015 they'd be accepted like any other.. trust me nobody would care.. your negro ass needs to be in check though on to what really goes on, stop making up falsehoods!

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