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42 thoughts on “This Black Student’s Explanation on Why He Supports the Confederate Flag Might Be the Most Ignorant Thing You See Today

  1. Remy Thomas says:

    How much was you payed to be that dumb?

  2. He has slave Stockholm syndrome

  3. many are called. few are chosen.

  4. Smid Ball says:

    I have some chains for this fool to ponder the significance of. Plus pictures of folks hanging that he may have some frames laying around that would fit perfectly for his apt to go right along with that flag!

  5. Remy Thomas says:

    Wait wait wait. … let me get this right he loves that flag because his great uncle was a cook in the military that wanted to keep his uncle in slavery. …..oooh my……Stockholm syndrome at it best………go seat you dumb ass down

  6. Everyone is born ignorant, but you must work hard to remain stupid.

  7. There is always one.

  8. His mother should have swallowed him

  9. How much WERE you PAID

  10. Defending the stars and bars, fighting for the rights of murdering slaveholders of the south, it's…SAMBO, leader of the uncle Tom division of the confederate cause!

  11. Ogun Sango says:

    This dude is a retard, listen to him talk.

  12. Ogun Sango says:

    This dude is a retard, listen to him talk.

  13. Robert Samuel you need no pay to speak the truth. in this culture, lies pay.

  14. When his brothers were in chains, this is the kind of black moron who managed a way in front of his masters to hold the whip!

  15. Luci Ryan says:

    He has no idea want the heck he is talking about. Clueless, shameful, and intellectually bankrupt.

  16. Luci Ryan says:

    Ignorant and needs to keep his mouth shut.

  17. Luci Ryan says:

    Talk…gibberish. Not a critical thinker at all. Poor thing.

  18. The american flag means the genocide of the native americans, the destruction of democracy in latin america, 2 nuclear strikes in asia, torture all over the world, the rape and killing of children in the middle east, this is why americans are considered a joke. You see ONE symbol an see hate, but refuse to see that almost every flag means something terrible for someone. The CSA flag deserves to exist.

  19. And you do? He is right, he refuses to let a flag have power over him. While you attack a stupid image and at the same time probably have an american flag in your house, an american flag that means terrible things in most parts of the world.

  20. Nothing he said made any sense ijs.

  21. You are the only person seeming to make any sense in this entire comment section. Kudos.

  22. Sauntae West says:

    They weren't flying the American flag at the time of native genocide dumb fuck. Go do some research.

  23. Black student you say? Boy stay yo ass in school.

  24. Give him some Cream of Wheat, some Uncle Bens Rice, and some Aunt Jemima's, because this fool is still living the mind set of a broken Slave.

  25. Luci Ryan says:

    Freedom Cobra Couragewolf Stay in your lane.

  26. this belligerent blatant ignorance is to difficult to even understand. Its just to sad on so many levels.

  27. Lmao that's right bro…lo

  28. Not only is there always one, somehow they always seem to find them and put a camera in their face. smdh

  29. Robert Lugo says:

    House negro mentality in full effect, brainwashed and ignorant.

  30. Tracy Smith says:

    And he's a student which goes to show us that an education don't make you smart.Folks get an education just hoping they can get a job one day.

  31. Aaron Dowell says:

    You know he's simple, he also believes that a pension was paid.

  32. I feel sorry for him because he's clueless but he's still a cretin,and a tool for bigots and racist.

  33. However, the fact remains that the Confederate battle flag has long since become the pre-eminent symbol of the Confederacy and what it stood for, and across the span of several decades it has been co-opted by segregationist and white supremacist groups such as the Dixiecrats, the KKK, and the Aryan Nation. Certainly one can be a racist or a white supremacist without associating himself with “Southern Pride” or a Confederate battle flag, but for better or worse, no one group is any more “authorized” to use the Confederate battle flag as their symbol than another: the Confederate government and its military forces ceased to exist 150 years ago and therefore have no say or control over the usage of the Southern Cross.

  34. Troy Burrow says:

    Modern day Clayton Bigsby.

  35. Do this dummy know that after WWII the south "took" land from Blacks.

  36. Farntella, it was a grammatical and spelling correction to the comment above mine.

  37. He was paid to say that !!!!

  38. when white people say i have a black friend this is the friend they are talking about

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