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26 thoughts on “Fox News Panelist Completely Goes Off on Bill O’Reilly for His Cluelessness About Racism in America

  1. This man is bad people.

  2. Videos from this site won't play on my iPhone?!?

  3. Linda Bly says:

    Sorry, this takes entirely tooo Much Time(TO LOAD)! Bill O'reily is NOT THAT 'IMPORTANT! a

  4. This man is disgusting, rude, disrespectful and in my eyes he sure is a racist, he has non black friends my lady, he didn't answered your question……. no minute more, or word worth spending on him and his program……… waste of time.

  5. How many black friends do you have? I'm waiting …. ohh no answer

  6. Shawn Brown says:

    Bill o Reilly is a racist also if those are his real thoughts he's either dumb or blind my money's on dumb

  7. Kristen powers is my hero..Lol

  8. Their are so many people that will never appear on this show to debate this issue. These people @ Fox Noise will never tell the truth about racism. End of story ;).

  9. OMG.How arrogant racist and
    rude!!How does he still have a job??

  10. Nykole Lee says:

    It funny how he wouldn't let her talk because she see the real issue

  11. I really don't understand how can this rude, arrogant, no good man has a space on national media!

  12. Jason Arts says:

    Bill is such a piece of shit. He needs a good dose of Jones kool-aid.

  13. Smid Ball says:

    How many black friends do you have LOL. This dude is straight comedy LOL. I hope no one takes him seriously. I wish he would somehow end up in jail and would be forced to be around black people for a week or two. Bet his attitude and comedy routine would be totally different LOL He will never be around intelligent black people so twas the jail reference. This female abusive coward is way too comfortable at the safe confines of his desk in La La land.

  14. I agree with the last comment: they are pitting americans against each other.

  15. Robin Hughes says:


  16. Roxie Rox says:

    I hope Bill O'reilly wakes up black tomorrow. Bet he'll be singing another time then!

  17. Bill is rude, and the only women he bangs are women who enjoy being objectified, and victimized by his misogynistic behavior.

  18. She cares to much, her consciousness is under attacked. It's her ancestors that enslaved our ppl. Bill, I see where he's coming from, he just dosent care about blacks. ThAt's his business, but, when I see a white person going all out for blacks. It scares me.

  19. The blind over Bill's vision of racism in America is the racism in him! I don't watch his show, because what he's talking about is not relevant in the real world, just to one percenters, if your a 99 percenters and you watch his show you are wasting your brain space, his antics are not for you, it's simply to make people who were handed a piece of the American pie gained by their forefathers through slavery, genocide ect. Some false sense of accomplishment, maybe to feel they've done nothing wrong, and their fathers didn't either, but when in reality they suck more than their ancestors, who ruined the world!

  20. Nosa Idehen says:

    He still have a job because his Boss and the network he work for Think alike and they are Racist.

  21. Carl Cover says:

    I think the it really goes deeper than him … I think the media who employs him has an agenda

  22. Bill is an asshole and so is his friend. America was built on the backs of slaves after being stolen. I'm 45 years old and I've learned more in the past year about blacks history than i did in 13 years in America's school system. This country laws and bylass are designed to miseducate blacks. Why are our schools teaching us an entire made up history?

  23. Carl Cover of course they do for the people that watch him all day everyday, to keep their mind condition to their racist way and see nothing wrong with it.

  24. What a first class racist asshole!..He is sickening and will rot in hell!

  25. The biggest liers.

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