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4 thoughts on “This Unbelievable Ignorance Being Propagated by Bill O’Reilly Is an Example of Where People Like Dylann Roof May Gain Their Ideology 

  1. Bill O'Reilly English two girls s*** backwash psychosis enema enema enema

  2. This clip should have played longer.

  3. Oriley is right on the money , flag doesn't represent hate , the hate and racism is in the heart of the beholder the black guy showed well his hate and racism using racial slurs white supremacy and white privilege

  4. James Jean says:

    You keep pointing out Fox News' ignorance, so why do you continue to post the ignorance when there are issues like TPP instead? It's clear mainstream media has no interest in presenting objective, intelligent and a diverse round of black voices and it saddens me that with as much traffic as this site gets, that the likes of Fox News gets so much traction here. Can anyone explain that to me?

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