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Cornell West Gives an Intriguing Explanation on Why So Many Black People Are Unwilling to Tackle Racism Head On 

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Video via CNN

Check Out Cornell West’s books for deeper insight into race and racism in America:

Race Matters
Black Prophetic Fire
Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism
The Rich And The Rest Of Us: A Poverty Manifesto

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31 thoughts on “Cornell West Gives an Intriguing Explanation on Why So Many Black People Are Unwilling to Tackle Racism Head On 

  1. there was talk of racialism from 1963-2008 when they were looting and dismantling the american government.

  2. There is one question, I will leave your biblical experiences to you but, How could you ever say there was no talk Racism from 1963-2008, that an ignorant lie, there has always been a topic and discussions on racism, where were you.

  3. Really? No talk of racism from 1963 – 2008? Where have you been Ms. Graham? Certainly not in the world of reality.

  4. Mary Callico says:

    Am I the only one who noticed of all the things that could be hanging in the spokeswoman's background as he's speaking they chose the confederate flag?

  5. You must be lost in your bible, it's always been there

  6. Because they are talking about the Confederate flag.

  7. Mary Callico says:

    Lol i know that. And 9 out 10 people watching these segments know what the confederate flag looks like. I don't see the point in inciting the talk with controversial images posted in the background.

  8. Dorothy Goldsmith here, in america, born in the 50s. when did U come here goldsmith? was it in the 40s? was it in the 20s when america was trying to keep certain people out of here in attempt to avoid the place we are at today? I am a testimony to what america could have been. I am a testimony to the direction in which this country was headed before you murdered jfk, dr. king and rfk, your cointelpro and cia.

  9. unfortunately for you but fortunately for me I was here and saw it all., you cannot fool me like you can the johnny come lately to america population you cater to.

  10. Dorothy Goldsmith I know you cannot stand those bibical references, can you goldsmith?

  11. Grizzly Ashford you wish I were or better yet, did not go there (bibical reference) at all, would suit you just fine. that time line is just too uncomfortable for you and goldsmith. yeah, that timeline tells you everything you need to know.

  12. I wish West wouldn't thank Ferguson young folks 'of all colors', It is a Black response. Whites (as a group) do not participate in protests for the same reasons — their interesting is largely superficial and/or short term.

  13. We can talk your bible trust me, let's go.
    I was referring to your crazy date of no racism. But I well come it, and it might not me what you're ready for.

  14. Farntella Graham, Farntella Graham! Sometimes we must look before we leap, that cliff you're on has gotten a bit high, I am one of the only left Pure Tribe from Africa, you are well Americanized, I did not attack you, I simply asked a question. So calm your self simply acknowledging you were born and bred has provided nothing, in fact JFK was murdered because people will not, did not even then stand up for themselves, after his death and MLK's death and RJK, you and others sat on you rear end complaining as you do now, waiting on another leader, without acknowledging you are biblically ignorant, so I will not touch your scriptures, and just so we are straignt I am now or has never been a member of Cointelpro or cia. American do enough teal-lying on as need bases divulging every secret you or you elders has ever given you. Be well my sister to know thy self is to love thy self, and fear no man or woman especially in ignorance words and/or conversation.

  15. I know who I am and I know who you are. why are you using a jew name if you are "the only left Pure Tribe from Africa"? "jfk was murdered because people did not stand up for themselves." what do you think the civil rights movement was about? what do you think the anti-war movement was about? what do you think women;s liberation movement was about? you talk like a fool. I have nothing more to say to you.

  16. Farntella Graham I was about you and your ignorance you use to defend yourself with, and your still on the civil right movement, even Gays have surpassed you in obtaining a pass on discrimination, and those beliefs buy you self a clue and get off the soap box and do something about it, prehaps, buy a Koran and compare it you your bible you will be wholly surprised. It appears you have held you anger to long but, to be angry at someone who does not aspire to be like you is totally as you call it stupid I blessed you, I reframe from calling you a fool, because it take one to know one and I don't want to know a fool. until you find a safe place to vent you will always feel that way. you got to much cockamamie half truths "much and nothing to do with it", please bury it and start anew, The little knowledge you have is your personal experiences you led or gain nothing form either. your the kinda of person who call a black child a thug and the white man God. you can do better. Who are you now? All you need to do is correct your first statement you said "there was no talk of racialism from 1963-2008 while they were looting and dismantling the american government." Now is this is not what you intended to say?

  17. Really, so what was Richard Pryor,Eddie Murphy Bernie Mac and all of those other comedians talking about in their comedy acts? What was the point of the movie Soul Man if not to deal with racism,Rodney King? You cantactually believe this ignorance spewing from your mouth.

  18. Emily Horton says:

    Why so many Black people are unwilling to tackle racism head on? They're not fucking stupid! They don't want to die right in their own front yards, or offices, or classrooms or bus stops or whatever…

  19. Damn that boy is sure racist all I heard was racist terms white supremacy, white privilege really ? Only hate and racism there is is in your heart , deal with the black ra ism then you will not much racism left , and taking down a flag not going to change any racism nor hate it's in their heart so leave the flag etc alone . want equality fine take the flag down we take away mlk. Day , black history month etc more going on in this world to be bitch in over a flag

  20. Ask yourself why is it only one earth? Dumb ass humans always want to justify difference when their is none… Only Love Vs Hate Good Vs Evil to unbalanced balance that is called life.. Wake your stupid asses up. It obvious white people are inferior or aliens trying to take over the world..

  21. James Culver says:

    I don't want or need anyone as my footstool.

  22. This ain't the old day eithe

  23. Lanny Almon says:

    I say burn it down to the ground and start over.people always saying why they tear up their own community, if its not black own then its not theirs! Most of them are there just to suck the money out the hood and if the store owner is not putting back any money in the area its worthless! their prices are higher and the product isn't the best quality most of the time. They only understand your rage until u RAGE!

  24. Grizzley, pay attention. Farntella NEVER said that there were no racism during that time. She said and I quote " there was no talk of racialism from 1963-2008 while they were looting and dismantling the american government." I agree with her, as they were quiet as hell because they didn't want to draw attention to what was really going on. You people need to pay attention to what is said before you become so damn defensive…

  25. there are differences between us, on a genomic, cultural, spiritual level.

  26. how come every time people start talking real on CNN they always have to stop them short to get to a breaking story?

  27. so U will do fine as the footstool of others

  28. Dorothy Goldsmith your goal was to push the LBGT agenda it was never about equality between the races.

  29. Kimberly Wright no, not the old days? remember the Birmingham church bombing? well, we just had nine people murdered in cold blood in a church. Black churches burning all over the south. what;s different?

  30. I say burn it down, if u notice the only thing they understand is bullets flying at them and their families, so speak their language.

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