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32 thoughts on “Obama Makes Charleston Shooting About Gun Control Instead of Terrorism Against Black People

  1. I noticed that too. This is not about gun control. We all know the degree of surveillance taking place in america. The big edifice of a spy building in Utah. Why didn't they pick up on this? They didn't pick up because the shooter was sent by the same people.

  2. Obama talks about what does not take place in other comparable countries. Well let me add to the list: no gmo food, no fluoride in the water, no nsa,

  3. Yusuf Adams says:

    If he say that it's about racism they will call him a big black racist that hates white people and a race baiter which they been trying to call him from day 1..lose lose situation

  4. Heru-Ka Anu says:

    You say "lose lose situation" so he chooses to err on the side of racists? He is one sorry pile of sh*t… Please take on on a trip to a grassy knoll.

  5. We gon;have to;kill;these damn white folks obama

  6. as a black man, I am disgusted with obama. he don't care about black people.

  7. is a man or not? I understand the message they sent to all presidents following the vicious murder of president kennedy, but damn. I saw shummer slink off when they started praying at their little prayer meeting outside congress today.

  8. Gayl Elliott says:

    Black people don't care about black people! We're always looking for somebody to blame. Where are our black men and black fathers?

  9. SLy MAc says:

    Yeper the Criminal Elite Controls Behind the Scene they In Site the Hate & Terrorism on Many Things.

  10. Oh, this not about racism? My bad. yeah… let control these guns. sounds good.
    heading to the Gun Store!

  11. I saw the entire video, and in it he did speak about gun violence. He ALSO spoke about the dark history this country has with shooting, bombing and burning of Black churches. Seems to me, too many of you are too angry and will spit venom in every direction. Especially at someone who doesn't handle the situation like some of you might. But let's be clear. The man did address it.

  12. In my opinion anytime there is mass shootings anywhere ,it is appropriate to talk about gun control. Had it not been for a gun ,we wouldn't be having this discussion. If that doesn't provoke everyone to talk about gun control then what does..Those individuals are gone and the President wants to prevent it from happening again..

  13. Gayl Elliott Getting shot by white supremacists last I saw.

  14. Shooters of color are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs.’ Why are white shooters called ‘mentally ill’?

  15. John Orafa says:

    It's about time all Blacks get armed and develop a militant mindset.

  16. Doesn't happen in most countries because they're not preaching hate. Hasn't anything to do with guns. It's to do with people and their idealistic mindset that they are better then someone because of skin color.

  17. Reread the title! Yes he spoke about gun violence, NOT the terrorism of Black people. He did not talk about terror! Shooting, bombing, and burning yes, BUT, where was there talk about terrorism? He does not want to use the word terrorism as there would be a call to do something about terrorism in AmeriKKKa, brought by whites against Blacks. That's what the title was addressing!

  18. He's not running for re-election so why is he still trying to placate these people? At a certain point you have to call a thing a thing and stand for what is right.

  19. If ONLY he had made the speech about terrorism of black people, everyone who died would have came back, everyone would have came to their senses and been like "you know, he's right!", and we would never have another gun massacre again. (◔_◔)? Thanks a lot, Barack Obama…

  20. Joseph Chandler, so you're pissed that he does not use the word "terror"?

  21. That's not what the press conference was about?

  22. Derrold, he does mention gun violence (as would be appropriate) but it certainly is not focused on that and the speech definitely does not dismiss this tragedy as racist violence as the title misleadingly suggests.

  23. Shawn L Williams so?

  24. Jerry Bless says:

    Obama is a puppet for sure.

  25. Taino De El says:

    Gun control??? What a political crock. This has nothing to do with anything but terrorism committed by a racist bastard. If the congregation had guns and shot his ass, THAT would be gun control. Gun free zones always allow for terrorism. Fact.

  26. Lise Sainti says:

    Does the person who wrote the title to this article actually WATCH the video? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  27. Lise Sainti says:

    Farntella Graham So of course he would not talk about those in THAT press conference.

  28. Lise Sainti can you look at the big picture? my point is, do not be holding up the standards of the world in some things but not others.

  29. real talk… them ones that know who we talking bout them..

  30. Joseph Chandler see.

  31. Lee Haven says:

    The movement moved past this dude long ago….

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