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17 thoughts on “Teens’ Lawyer Shuts Down Hannity in Epic Fashion After the Host Defends Cop Who Pulled Gun on Young Man

  1. Sam Rose says:

    How can anybody stand to watch that show or listen to Hannity speak? It was so frustrating just listening to his projecting & misleading commentary on the video that idk how that young man and his lawyer could stand to continue the interview; but mostly I don't understand why ppl continue to go on Fox news to be interviewed in the first place. SMH

  2. Carolyn Ford says:

    Shut down how ? He wasn't even given a chance to respond.

  3. Sam Rose says:

    Yeah, ABS makes up some nonsense titles too often.

  4. Tony Johnson says:

    look at the kids feet, you can clearly see he slipped & he was never behind the officer. Sean Hannity is a drama queen.

  5. As you can see clearly the kid slips then retreats way from the cop who then pulls his gun. What dance did this racist Hannity see?

  6. The best advice to watch sincere, fair truthful and balanced news watch… MSNBC. The other not worth mentioning…No attention is the best attention positive or negative no comment, don't make? feel important….that works.

  7. Sam Rose says:

    Hannity is obviously a terrible dancer if he thinks slipping on grass and loosing your balance looks like a dance.

  8. Hannity is predictable, he doesn't want to hear honest answers, he is judgmental and self righteous. This is how he makes a living, his scale of "justice" always tilts one way–his way. I am going to miss John Stewart, John has called him out and exposed his bias many times. One thing for certain, both Hannity and Limbaugh spewed their most poisonous venom at Obama but their poison had no effect. He was elected and re-elected convincingly! They ( Hannity and Limbaugh) ended up on the wrong side of history forever, and there is no antidote for that. When the Fox couldn't get the grapes, he cursed them and said they were sour.

  9. That clown Racist he sees what he wants too

  10. Wow. ..I really wanna slap the taste out of hannitys mouth!!

  11. Ralph Long says:

    Sean Hannity is a bitch. Anyone who gets on the show is automatically railroaded by cave rhetoric from the moment he filibusters till commercial. He only asks, then answers his question and has the guest not sure if they should defend themselves against this troglodyte.

  12. Vivian Tyson says:

    Having been trained as a journalist, I thought a journalist's job is to ask questions and allow the subject to answer completely before asking him another question.

  13. Shirlz Allen says:

    Hannity can't listen to how ignorant you are, take your head out of your ass for a moment and listen. You ignorant racist bastard. That's someone's child, this over jealous police officer would have shot this child if the officer didn't stop him. You make me sick.

  14. The motto of Fox news. Let's make something out of nothing and try to convince people they see what isn't happening.

  15. Hannity is nothing but a racist pig and I hope turn his lying tong black because of his lying bigotry

  16. Karl Morris says:

    Remember, this is no more than theatre more people watch because he is using negative Marketing which raises rating, its always about the money with these corporate flunkies truth and objectivity have nothing to do with it.Just like this title.
    (Teens’ Lawyer Shuts Down Hannity in Epic Fashion After the Host Defends Cop Who Pulled Gun on Young Man).

  17. Hannity is a ass trying to make a big thing out of nothing.
    What about the big over size guy dance, he is not a cop.

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