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5 thoughts on “This Yale Professor Makes a Revealing Proclamation That African Americans Invented Memorial Day

  1. Unbelievable… No one ever mentions what that day truly meant… Thank you

  2. This story did not get lost it just got swept under the carpet in hope that it will never be discovered by anyone. The truth hurts and more of it comes out the people whom have been hiding it hurt more. Years of hidden truth are spilling out every day in America making folkes bitter and angry against blacks. The hope that the truth will remain hidden is falling apart but yet we stand strong but those in fear of what the truth may do if known, use what they know best – the method to kill and destroy to try and and take control. Unfortunately instead of taking control you are in fact starting something that was never going to happen if left alone but now you have started something which you cant control but is to late to turn back time.

    Cry wolf too many times, one day the wolf will come, find you and bite you, its to late for you to run for help cause no one will believe or help you.

  3. Jean Young says:

    This is a great piece of history. I've read of former bondsmen in Charleston celebrating their emancipation in various ways such as this. BTW Atlantablackstar, why aren't you identifying at least the name of this scholar and any other relevant information so others can follow up on this?

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