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7 thoughts on “Fox News Guest on McKinney: Black Kids Are More ‘Defiant’ of Authority Than Other Kids

  1. This guy, Kevin Jackson, is just another one of that group, who make their living, parroting that mindset… that "black skin", is more aggressive, more violent, more criminal. He is about telling bigots everything they want to hear about black people. Him, the sheriff out of Milwaukee, David Clarke, and a few others… you will always see them on FOX News spewing this crap.

  2. Lisa Jackson says:

    Black skin is more defiant? Really? I'm in the supermarket and I heard a little white boy call his father a bitch, and cuss his mother out because he didn't want shitty pizza for lunch. Explain how only black kids are defiant.

  3. Joan Coulter says:

    Kevin is a jackass numbskull. Wait until something like this happens to one of his relatives. I wonder how much FOX paid him for that comment.

  4. Tina Taylor says:

    Kevin is an uncle Tom ass kissing negro.

  5. Vic Anthoni says:

    Remember, it's not just white people who participate in and sustain white supremacy.

  6. He's the one that will be bleaching his skin and denying his own heritage. I just have to laugh at such ignorance

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