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7 thoughts on “This Video Reveals the Shocking Truth About How and Why the Spanish Created a Color Scale to Separate People

  1. damn, these mofos went all out. well how about this: you got white and then you got more white wherever they come from in europe.

  2. Dear Atlanta Blackstar….. everytime I come to your page to watch a video it takes forever to load, whether on wifi with table… on a huge network server or with a data plan…

  3. Mine is fine? it might be you need to update the software or your computer.

  4. That could be except it happens on every thing I use, phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop

  5. It's because they have too many ads!! Try adblocker on google and you will not have anymore problems. it has blocked 8ads and pop ups from this site right now.

  6. devil mean deciver white may mean scared, so they are scared and decived them self through self deception, hens the calling "white devil"

  7. Alethia Hazel This worked! Once I installed the ad blocker it works fine.

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