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Beyoncé Heats Up Some Beef With Fans After Early Morning Vegan Announcement Airs on Good Morning America

1433778729_3634d947b6329a9d11d1c3cc5d5d7587When Beyoncé dropped one of the year’s hottest albums and record-breaking visual projects, she didn’t even make a public announcement.

When she was pregnant with baby Blue Ivy and was on her way to motherhood, she remained tight-lipped until she made a dramatic reveal on live television.

When her sister Solange was caught on camera going toe-to-toe with her husband Jay Z in an elevator, a family statement was the extent of her public reaction.

But when the pop diva is getting back to her vegan diet, the world needs to know and they need dramatic promos and an early morning PSA to get the message.

At least, that’s what Beyoncé seemed to think.

The Beyhive rarely lashes out at their leader but when she decided to dish out dieting advice on Good Morning America after promoting it as some sort of huge announcement, even her fans felt the sting of their Queen Bey.

Her GMA announcement turned out to be yet another public plug for The 22-Day Revolution so she took to a video to share how the vegan plan is the alleged secret to her “flawless” body.

“I am not naturally the thinnest,” she said. “I have curves. I’m proud of my curves and I have struggled since a young age with diets and finding something that actually works, [that] actually keeps the weight off has been difficult for me.”

Most fans already knew Beyoncé was a vegan advocate because she made the announcement back in 2013 along with her hip hop mogul husband. Since then, a variety of images capturing the singer biting into burgers or ordering at In-N-Out Burger have hit the web and caused many to believe she had given up on the vegan diet.

Of course, if she is eating vegan specifically for weight-loss purposes it’s fair to note that she would certainly be allowed a cheat day every now and then. Either way, her decision to broadcast the announcement in such a dramatic fashion when she rarely addresses the public in this particular manner was enough to leave fans flooding social media with some harsh critiques.

beyonce-on-the-run-behind-the-scenes-4-1403253204-view-0“Beyoncé giving diet advice,” one Twitter user questioned. “What’s next? Justin Bieber writing a book on parenting?”

Others pointed out that they were mad Beyoncé caused them to wake up early for such a trivial announcement.

“Still mad I woke up early and subjected myself to @GMA just to hear Beyoncé say she doesn’t enjoy life anymore. #vegan,” another wrote.

On Beyoncé’s Instagram, users were filling her comments section with food emojis like pizza, chicken and french fries—yes, the world of social media is a petty one but it’s also entertaining.

But all the negative backlash doesn’t change the reality of the situation.

Beyoncé probably received an astronomical check for the early morning vegan promotion for The 22-Day Revolution. Still, many fans will never get back the sleep time they lost on what they thought would be a new album or music video announcement (or even a sibling for Blue Ivy). And while it certainly isn’t the most exciting diet plan, going vegan does come with an impressive collection of benefits.

Whether or not it will leave anyone with Beyoncé’s figure, however, is a claim that is still up for debate.

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