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8 Amazing Facts About African Immigrants Excelling In The U.S.


African Immigrants Most Educate

Despite the economic plights many are faced with when coming to America, the Census Bureau found that a significant amount of the foreign-born population from Africa have a higher level of education than most immigrants from other countries. While 41 percent of America’s African-born population had a bachelor’s degree or higher, based on the 2014 report, less than 30 percent of all other immigrants boasted the same accomplishment.


African-Born Immigrants Tend to be the Healthiest Black Immigrants

A study conducted by UC Irvine Sociology professor Jen’nan Ghazal Read and Rice University Professor Michael O. Emerson, found that immigrants from Africa were generally far healthier than their peers immigrating from European countries. The study also suggests that the group tends to be healthier than African-Americans.

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