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11 African Countries You May Not Have Known Manufacture Some of Their Own Weapons

Sudanese Arms


According to a report released by, Sudan established “at least three weapons factories outside of Khartoum.” While production began in 1959, the country saw an increase in production after the establishment of the Military Industry Corporation (MIC) in 1993. According to a 2014 article published by Radio Dabanga, the MIC produces ammunition, conventional weapons, armored vehicles and main battle tanks. The corporations also provides vehicles.




As early as the 4th century AD, the  people  in what is now called Tanzania specialized in producing tools and weapons. Today, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s Policy Paper No. 30, Tanzania’s Mzinga Corporation “reportedly had an annual production capacity of 7 million rounds.” In addition, a report released by states that the country “has small arms ammunition factories.

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