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11 African Countries You May Not Have Known Manufacture Some of Their Own Weapons

Egyptian Aircraft


According to an article composed by Joe Stork, the deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa division, Egypt has been producing its own arms since the 1820s. Their products included “warships, artillery, rifles, bombs and ammunition.” And, while the country did see a temporary decline in weapon production, Egypt’s arms production began to rise after the second World War. The government established ammunition and small arms companies, as well as aircraft factories. Today, Egypt is one of the top weapon producers on the continent of Africa.

via Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) museum.

via Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) museum.


According to a 2013 essay entitled “History Of Locally Manufactured Weapons In Ghana History Essay,” Ghana has been producing weapons for hundreds of years. Pistols, shotguns and single-barrel guns are locally manufactured and “each of the 10 regions in Ghana houses gun-manufacturing workshops.” The Suame-Magazine area of Kumasi, located in the Ashanti region, is perhaps “one of the most established gun-manufacturing centers in Ghana.”

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