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4 thoughts on “What the Private Sector Is Doing to Prey on People and Trap Them in the Criminal Justice System Is Beyond Unjust

  1. Happening to black, brown, and poor whites now, sooner or later will happen to more and more people.

  2. they spit on the constitution. they don;t care if it is unconstitutional. that tells you right there that something is terribly wrong in this country.

  3. Song ;
    If i ruled the world. …… free all of the sons. …….n well walk right up to the sun. …hand n hand

  4. This is how the system was engineered to work. The reason you are hearing/seeing more media coverage is because whites are being caught in its snare as well and when people go to examine it (in full honesty) and are transparent with the data they find we see actual data to support what we black people have been talking about for generations.

    what pisses me off more is that in the face of this data you will still find so many whites intoxicated on white privilege deny every ounce of that data.

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