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7 Mind Blowing Facts About Segregation On The Internet

Although legally segregation may not exist on the Internet, statistics show that segregation is prevalent in cyberspace. Here are seven things that you might not have known about it.


Self-Segregation Into Black Neighborhoods, White Neighborhoods?

Based on a study conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, Daily Dot contributor Ben Branstetter states that “65 percent of blacks and 75 percent of whites admitted to having social networks entirely made up of members of their own race.”

Social networks are a lot like physical locations. Branstetter says, “Despite the Internet’s reputation as ‘the great equalizer,’ social networks develop ‘white neighborhoods’ and ‘black neighborhoods’ and for more reasons than self-segregation.”

Segregation on the Internet is not surprising because of the dynamics of racial inequality in physical spaces. Branstetter not only argues that online segregation speaks to racial inequality but that it is also “an important cause of a communication breakdown that worsens it.”

Black Twitter?

According to the Pew Research Center’s 2014 statistics, out of all Black Internet users 27 percent of them use Twitter, and out of all white Internet users 21 percent of them use Twitter. “While it might seem odd, race seems to be a major indicator in which social media sites you’ll use,” states Ben Branstetter. “While roughly equal percentages of blacks and whites use social media, divides become present when we look at which sites they’re using.”

Daily Dot states that in America 20 percent of Black Internet users participate on Instagram, while only 14 percent of their white counterparts use the photosharing network. Branstetter explains however “that both groups are equally likely to be Facebook users, although adoption of Facebook spread faster among white populations than it did in black populations.”

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4 thoughts on “7 Mind Blowing Facts About Segregation On The Internet

  1. Ramal Davis says:

    Good. I don't want to socialize with them anyway, in fact I wish they would take it a step further and leave our neighborhoods and let us do for ourselves ADSENT of them.

  2. Shawn Mc says:

    why does he keep saying equally when we are on 17 percent of the population and they are over 70 percent.
    we are over represented in those bullshit sites because its focus on gossip and dressing.

  3. Michael Fox says:

    i am not a social scientist, nor have I gathered any scientic data. But my exsperiance with Internet as a place to meet potential people for dating, has showed me that white people are and have always been more curiouse about Black people than the other way around. I have never nor would I ever consider dating some one other than Anthore Black person, I am contacted on a regular basis by white people that are interested. They tend to be surpurprised when the read my profile that speciifies black only. Depending on the region most peopl that I encounter that are from areas. Where they have options meaning a large black dating pool will defietly state that as there preferance. On the other hand I find that blacks from the west coast tend to be way more open to whites than black people that I encounter from east coast or south or other major metropolitan cites on the east coast.

  4. Samm Maine says:

    I suppose if you are LOOKING for a problem, you will always, always find one, or create one. Frankly, being Native American, I am sick to death of all this Black Lives Matter, articles like this that espouse problems that simply do not exist but some idiotic 'study' decides there is. Black lives do not matter than anyone else's. They are not more important. ALL LIVES MATTER!

    My question is: Why do people write this dung? To incite riots, stir the dung pot, or make racial tensions even worse? Do these foolish authors think somehow they are doing ANYTHING positive to lessen any racial tensions?


    I have been the subject of segregation, of racism and or bigotry. I RESENT LIKE HELL more of this that only serves as a separation between races! We have one planet. We are ALL earthlings. We are all humans. We ALL have to live together. It seems the people writing articles like this stop at pointing out problems, but NEVER EVER OFFER SOLUTIONS!

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