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‘Devious Maids’ Season 3, Episode 1: ‘Awakenings’

devious-maids-season-3Devious Maids season 3, episode 1 airs tonight on Lifetime.

Season 3 begins with the aftermath of a shooting at Rosie and Spence’s wedding that changes some lives forever. Meanwhile, a familiar couple return to Beverly Hills with their new, mysterious daughter.

Devious Maids follows four maids with ambition and dreams of their own who work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Murder and mayhem collide in the mansions of Beverly Hills’ wealthiest and most powerful families. Class warfare has never been as fun and dirty as it is in the tony enclave where the staff is as clever, witty, outrageous and downright devilish as their employers. Whoever holds the dirt holds the power, and before the season is over, illicit affairs will be revealed and deep dark secrets exposed.

Devious Maids season 3, episode 1 airs June 1 at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

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