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9 Truths All People Need to Accept About Racism So We Can Finally Have an Honest Conversation About It

Racism is a difficult discussion to have, especially when people do not have an understanding of what racism is, how it works and who it is perpetuated by. Here are nine truths that we need to accept about racism if we want to have honest conversations.
malcolm x portrait
Can Black People Be Racist?
“There is an element of whites who are nothing but cold, animalistic racists. That element is the one that controls or has strong influence in the power structure. It uses the press skillfully to feed statistics to the public to make it appear that the rate of crime in the Black community, or community of nonwhite people, is at such a high level. It gives the impression or the image that everyone in that community is criminal.”
– Malcolm X, speech at the London School of Economics on Feb. 11, 1965
Black people cannot be racist. We could possibly be prejudice, but the power dynamics of the system of white supremacy proves that Black people do not have the ability to oppress other races. Malcolm teaches that racism uses a system to oppress and hold power over a person based on their race.
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