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5 thoughts on “This Racist Letter Sent to This Long Island Family Is Heartbreaking, Frightening and Downright Unacceptable

  1. Shameful and Evil…..what if Native Americans send letters to all of us….they would have rhe only Right to do so.

  2. I was thinking of doing just that, but to the racists…nobody has time for white bullshit!

  3. The KKK is alive, well and thriving in racist/white supremacist United states. Why is it even called the United States??? It has not been united since it was was stolen and occupied by white(albino) Europeans. They are thieves, thugs and not human.

  4. Damn right!!!! These states have NEVER and WILL NEVER be united.

  5. Ati Ba says:

    waw huh Ignorant people will always hate until they are enlighten.

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