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News Flash: Marc Jacobs Invented Bantu Knots Thousands of Years Before African People!

As the weather warms, we’ve got to think of creative ways to get our hair up and off our faces while still looking cool and chic! That’s why the twisted mini buns inspired by Guido Palau‘s from the Marc by Marc Jacobs SS15 show proves to be the perfect spring/summer hairstyle. Pair it with bold lipstick for a night out, tribal inspired makeup for a summer festival, or with dewy makeup for a rooftop BBQ. Source:

As the weather warms, we’ve got to think of creative ways to get our hair up and off our faces while still looking cool and chic! That’s why the twisted mini buns inspired by Guido Palau‘s from the Marc by Marc Jacobs SS15 show proves to be the perfect spring/summer hairstyle. Pair it with bold lipstick for a night out, tribal inspired makeup for a summer festival, or with dewy makeup for a rooftop BBQ.

By Shelby Christie

Marc Jacobs models came down the runway sporting a hairstyle known as Bantu Knots at his SS15 fashion show. felt inspired by hairstylist Guido Palau’s bantu knot recreation and posted a hair tutorial titled “HOW-TO: TWISTED MINI BUNS INSPIRED BY MARC JACOBS SS15 SHOW.” The hairstyle is clearly what is known as Bantu Knots, a traditional African hairstyle that’s been around for over a thousand years. But I suppose Marc Jacobs’ innovative twisted mini buns came before then? The tutorial even suggests readers pair the hairstyle with “tribal inspired makeup.” This is yet another example of the beauty industry borrowing a component of Black culture without recognizing the origins of the trend. Last year, Marie Claire praised Kendall Jenner for sporting “new epic” cornrows.

Much like Columbus, the beauty industry is claiming to discover territory that’s already been occupied. Here’s a little history on the subject of Bantu Knots: Bantu is a colonial word used to describe Zulu people. The word was used to identify African people who spoke the Bantu dialect. The word Bantu does not refer to one group of people, rather over 10 million Africans of Zulu descent who speak the Bantu dialect. This is why Bantu Knots are also referred to as Zulu Knots. Zulu, as in African people, as in not Marc Jacobs. Bantu Knots have been worn by Black women as a way to protect and style their hair since the beginning of civilization. Below is a picture of a Madagascan woman rocking Bantu Knots circa 1898.



It’s apparent that it’s easier for mainstream, white American culture to overlook the Black contributions to beauty and style than it is for them to give credit where credit is due. Is there no one at these media outlets who will take the time to research the subject, to see if there were any other instances of the trend throughout history? Last year, Vogue wrote an article titled “We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty” where they accredited Jennifer Lopez with making big butts trendy, writing: “Perhaps we have Jennifer Lopez to thank (or blame?) for sparking the booty movement…J. Lo—the original trailblazing butt girl.”

Black women have had curves since the dawn of time, but they were told that they were too big to model and too thick to shop at Forever21. Black standards of beauty aren’t seen as valid until Kim Kardashian replicates it. Last year, famed retailer was selling a “Nightwalker, vegan-leather du-rag” for $50! A blond-hair, blue-eyed model was advertising the same du-rag Black men have been followed by police for wearing. The “vegan” leather du-rag was offensively named “nightwalker” and was all of  sudden being dubbed trendy. Bantu Knots are just the latest victim of cultural borrowing. These days Black standards of beauty are only stamped for approval once mainstream culture adopts it.

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67 thoughts on “News Flash: Marc Jacobs Invented Bantu Knots Thousands of Years Before African People!

  1. White folks steals everything and calls it theirs…..classic….they will never change.

  2. "Black standards of beauty are only stamped for approval once mainstream culture adopts it." That summed the entire problematic issue here. Great article Shelby!

  3. Because baby hairs, dreads, and weaves weren't enough… Oh Columbus how you've become a verb!,

  4. They are Columbatizing everything we as a Race has been doing since the beginning of time! Have they ever invented anything?

  5. Anello Key says:

    Samuel Hill Jr. deceit, deception, genocide, eugenics, evil….

  6. @samuel hill, where do you think pedophilia, bestiality and white Jesus came from?….

  7. Y'all going in, thank you! lol

  8. Seriously, who cares. It's just hair.

  9. It's not just hair. It's being told that it's it's black is wrong and not beautiful but if we make it "appealing to whites" then it's alright. It's stealing our culture and making it their own without acknowledging it's origins. It's coming to a land that people lived on for hundreds of years and stating that you discovered it. It's changing history.

  10. So every time we put our hair in a damn ponytail we have to "acknowledge its origins" y'all are taking shit way out of proportion like always. It is just hair. Stop taking shit personally and move on with your lives.

  11. Mariah Cortes Move on with yours. Ignorance seems like your best accessory.

  12. Actually, I'm a very nice person. I just can't stand to see stupidity. Especially over a hairstyle. Lmfaoo. So yes, I will move on with my life cause I'm not the one sitting here arguing about what hairstyle came from where. Lololol, so y'all can continue to take shit personally. Bye now. (:

  13. The reason she refuses to acknowledge what you are saying is simple. The color of her skin. It doesn't bother her. She chooses to be clueless even though she know's what you are saying is true. It's the "Get over it syndrome:.

  14. You're completely missing the point. It's not just hair when it's made by a certain group of people and here's these people calling it a mini bun. And saying they came up with it.

  15. She responded with "Actually, I'm very nice person" lolololol. Poor girl. Point flew over her head like a bad toss.

  16. She has no idea why this is controversial. So she denys that there is a problem because she's incapable of understanding exactly what the problem is. Nor does she care enough to ask and learn about the problem with this.

  17. Get off the little white girl dick black women are so fucking insecure are you from Africa do you even know if your even of African decent the fuck she right fuck niggas got to shot out africa for foh do you shot out the Ford brothers and Detroit everytime you get in your car fuck no foh black don't mean your African get that the fuck straight black people are in Australia south America etc yall some idiots fuck out of here

  18. Y'all bitchs bugging did you make the hair style no every black person not even African educate your got damn self media got you thinking that black women so insecure and want recognition for everything dick riding for what ain't shit fly over her head your argument is fucking stupid did Marc Jacobs ever call it a ghetto hair style no so he can do what he want niggas want a pat on the back for everything eveytime u use something a white man created fine a white man and thank him sound like some clowns crying asses whinen over some shit you have no right to cry about Africans don't even like blacks from the us are you a product of the Zulu nation can you even tell me anything about the Zulu nation there practices there beliefs do you even know what country it started in no mother fucker so if your black ass don't pay homage why should she cause your skin the same color as the ones who originated it bitchs is drunk this morning

  19. You're right Cindy, I don't care enough to to learn what the problem is cause ITS JUST HAIR. Lmao. And this might come off as "racist" but believe me I'm far from it but when a black person does shit or where's shit a certain way white people don't raise hell about it and demand accreditation and make a whole article about its origins because we don't make every little thing a race issue like yall do. You people need to stop thinking the world is against you because white people do things that were "originally" an African American thing. The bottom line is, no one really cares. People will continue to do what they always do and it's your job to not take things personally. (:

  20. It has nothing to do with the color of my skin. Lmao, y'all just turn everything into a race issue and blow everything out of proportion. I see it all the time and that's why I don't care.

  21. Y'all old as shit ganging up on her young ass this why we get looked at like we do all that hostility for what and you dead wrong sense y'all so fucking pro Africa show me your receipts for the money you sent do you send money to Africa what have you done for Africa NOT A MOTHER FUCKING THING but have the ordasity to lay claim mf y'all high keep putting Africa on a pedestal tf the top geologist say all nations where connected before they broke apart look at a damn map stop segregating your self tf there was no war on the ivory coast your tribes rounded your ancestors up n sold them for beads and gold think its a lie Africans enslaved there own to build the very pyramids you praise my nigga white man did enslave us but Africa turned they back on us we all are just people god made u god made her the only person you have to thank is god and if someone want to get that ass lit up let's argue so I can drop facts on that dumb ass

  22. Carlyne Sainphor she's a troll. ignore her. she shouldn't even be here.

  23. thought I educated yall asses bantu means people so this shit is for the people no one can tell me why there hair is worn this way I don't get it I thought yall was into the hairstyle wassup yall quiet as shit now.

  24. how is she not right please state your argument so I can shoot you down.

  25. lesley what does bantu mean where did the hair style start can you give me that.
    why did they where there hair style this way do u even know strong black sista?

  26. White people just got here Six thousand years ago please! Let us make man as the Bible states, that's the white mans beginning, he's also called mankind, a kind of a man. Black people are not made, we are created from God himself, no beginning or end.

  27. So because my opinion defers from yours makes me a troll. Lmfao, you're pathetic.

  28. Melon Knee says:

    Actually @Robert Geonvese you're wrong. All humans originated in Africa and blacks were the FIRST humans on earth. White skin color is a recessive gene where brown skin is a dominant gene. Therefore white people cannot produce any skin color darker than themselves. The African genome is responsible for every shade of skin complexion on this earth. We are the mothers and fathers of this earth. read your books.

  29. Having an opinion doesn't make me a troll. Your space? Lmao, the website doesn't say no white people allowed. Calling it your "space" makes you seem incredibly ignorant and racist. Haha.

  30. Melon Knee says:

    so yea…every black person is african. and so is every white person, and every asian person and so forth 🙂 @Robert Genovese.

  31. ITS JUST HAIR. Lol, seriously do you people not realize how pathetic your arguments are over a hairstyle? Get over yourselves. Putting your hair in a bun isn't stealing someone's culture. Do you know how dumb that sounds to make a claim like that? Lol. Okay, bye now. Continue to get all worked up over a hairstyle.

  32. Guess who else called them devils besides The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Min. Farrakhan, suprise his name is Jesus.

  33. You keep saying a "bun" it is not a bun. And we do not care about you putting your hair in a ponytail. This article is addressing a specific hairstyle (Bantu knots) and their origin. Not the same thing as a bun or a ponytail which neither probably originated from Africans. Putting Bantu knots into your hair then renaming it "twisted mini buns" has you confused. Do you know how pathetic white people look wearing styles like braids/cornrows & Bantu knots then labeling it as a "new urban hairstyle" or "trendy"???? I am not sure if you really don't understand or if you're just upset that blacks are wanting to stand up reclaim things that we have been condemned for but you sound ignorant. To say it's "just hair" when we've been made to feel less than beautiful with all of our notions of beauty ignored shows your ignorance. Who condemns, systematically oppresses & dehumanizes an entire group of people then turn around and tries to assimilatethe same culture of those individuals??? Do not be mad that we are reclaiming what we originated, that is all everyone is arguing. Come on now, the name "bantu" doesn't even sound like something Europeans adopted (until now) stop sleeping & stay woke! Appropriation is everywhere.

  34. It may be just hair to you, but there's life in ours. That's why it grows towards the sun. And judging by your comments you sound melanin jealous. You don't even care to understand why this is an issue, so why comment with no intent on questioning or gathering information?

  35. I seriously recommend watching this video. And before you go digging into your bag of life experiences, memories and everything you were taught up until now- just slowly listen to each word of the video with an UNBIASED ear.

    And before returning to comment defensively, bear in mind that there is almost nothing our own minds cannot convince us is justified no matter how wrong it is. So take a deep breath, try being more observant and maybe consider that you do not yet have all the answers to life, much less racial injustice.

  36. Actually—I know I just used this as a reply to a sadly misinformed girl's comment, but I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is about to come here and type a blindly angry and defensive comment, please watch this video first:

    And I reiterate- try to listen with an unbiased ear and bear in mind that there is almost nothing our own minds cannot convince us is justified no matter how wrong it is. So take a deep breath, try being more observant and maybe consider that you do not yet have all the answers to life, much less racial injustice.

  37. Mariah Cortes That's because a lot of things believe it or not, are a racial issue, especially in America. There's one thing to make a race issue out of nothing, but it's another thing entirely to notice that the reason it exists is because of it.

  38. A "hairstyle" doesn't have to have a reason but if you need this to be broken down so it can forever and consistently be broke: The short of it is that our hair type is fragile and in order to maintain length and health- hair styles like box braids (extensions included), cornrows, twists, and Zulu/Bantu knots are used to retain the hair's natural oils while keeping it looking neat. The long/ ancient of it is that historically depending on tribe/ nation there are hairstyles that could indicate one's social status, class or family lineage (so it isn't "just hair"). All of this was long before the concept of mini buns (lol) and in the mainstream media it has always been easier to Columbus the contributions of other ethnic peoples cultural contributions to society instead of giving them recognition. Certainly I would not expect you have even contemplated the deeper meaning to all this because 1) you don't actually have much hair and 2) Hair and women descended of the African Diaspora have mutually exclusive problems. But I challenge you to take a reflective moment to see the bigger picture. By not doing so you would miss out on a key learning opportunity. Ask why this is such a big deal before casting out ill-informed judgments. Again of course it's always your choice to be willfully ignorant.

  39. Why. Your sure spent a lot time commenting about a matter you don't care about.
    But whatever. Let's go directly to that moment when I discuss each point of your joke of a comment.

    -"this might come off as "racist" but believe me I'm far from it".
    Once again, love your way of not caring about what we might think.

    -"when a black person does shit or where's shit a certain way white people don't raise hell about it and demand accreditation."
    Are you really as simple minded as to think that the members of a community all have an identical mindset/way to react to situations?

    -"we don't make every little thing a race issue like yall do".
    You are really naive, if you think that anybody will stop using their freedom of speech to please your ass. Do you expect us to give you a cookie because you "don't make every little thing a race thing"?
    Let's skip the speech about the hundreds of years during which the black people has been oppressed. 'Not wasting my time educating you when any history book can.
    Why would white people make an issue out of race, when being white is the standard? Just type "beautiful woman" in google image's search bar.
    Nobody can be blamed for being born privilged. Playing dumb when it comes to the said privilege, and whining when the less privileged complain is another matter.

    -"You people need to stop thinking the world is against you because white people do things that were "originally" an African American thing."
    African, actually and the quotation marks are of no use. 'Would be great if you could, at least, pretend that you can grasp basic information.
    And to think that someone like you feels entitled to tell anyone what they need to do. The morons are sure full of themselves, nowadays.

    -"The bottom line is, no one really cares." Your lack of credibility has already been adressed at the beginning of this awfully long post. If you feel like refreshing your memory, you know what to do.

    -"People will continue to do what they always do and it's your job to not take things personally."
    Now that statement sums my thoughts up.
    Have a nice day.
    PS: Nobody here is tricked by your overuse of lols and "maos. The uninterested vibe you want to give seems as real as Nicki Minaj's butt.

  40. Y'all sound fucking pathetic.

  41. Vene Mahindi says:

    Please black people we sometimes play the race card too quickly. The article did not at all say he "invented" the race card. And please fact check. Bantu is NOT a dialect and it is made up of many different African tribal groups not just zulus!

  42. Please stop responding to her. She is ignorant and wants to stay that way, she also wants to piss you off so leave her alone. She is not open-minded enough to teach.

  43. Annie Sanyu says:

    hi there, I love your article but just one small correction, the zulu people are just one tribe under the Bantu ethnic group.

  44. Robert, do you realize the answers to your question are in the article. It's not about hair, it's about taking credit for something that you did not invent. Did Al Gore really "invent"the internet as he claimed all those years ago? No. Did Christopher Columbus discover America as they still teach in school? No, he happened upon a land that people already lived on. Was Rosa Parks the first one to refuse to get up on the bus? No a 15year pregnant girl was.
    It's history, and we have to be very mindful of it to know who we are. His tory has been distorted so much that African Americans dont realize we were once kings and queens running great nations. So to you this is just hair to me my history is being stolen.

  45. BTW @Mariah- in calling the style a "pony"tail you are acknowledging its origins.

  46. Scott Bissot says:

    i think you should really consider that it's the rich and powerful to blame and always has been. The rich always act in their own self interest and exploit people to enrich themselves, I mean…..most all companies hire people at ridiculously low wages and benefit from all the profits and never share with the workers, it not a white vs black thing, its exploiter vs exploited. Go to other countries without whites, it's the same thing, rich. vs poor. Please stop stereotyping whites, most of us are good people and are not racists, and most of us are not rich, we are struggling to find jobs too. I dislike this stuff as much as you, but if you continue to rail against all whites and lump us in with the bad guys and cast blame on the whole white race, I think all that will happen is you alienate the good whites who do not have hate in their heart. Please redirect your criticisms to the right people. Lump us together if you want, but at that point you are no better than the people you're criticizing.

  47. The tutorial probably was inspired by Marc Jacobs show but we all know the true origination of Bantu Knots! Their very neat and classy the models up top are doing a more wild and messy version of Bantu Knots!

  48. but what have you done to stop it? white people have the power to change things and you have made no attempt at real change. you did back in the 60s and I understand that we are all drugged by the water and have been neturalized but still Black protesters have come out to demonstrate against injustice. I cannot tell you the last time I have seen the white majority protest anything. you keep voting the same jerks into office. you are satisfyed with the caliber of the people they choose for our presidential candidates. you have completely ignored the constitution of this country and the wishes of the founding fathers.

  49. the alpha and the omega. the only 100% human beings on this earth come out of africa. the rest are percentages of neanderthal.

  50. This is just.. urg

  51. I can respect your comment Scott but let me ask you something. Do you say that same thing when they lump all black people together? When they come out and say that all black fathers are bad? Or all black kids aren't raised properly? Or that all blacks live off the system? Or how about when FOX made a surprising revaluation that yes black people use forks and knives (if you don't know what I'm referring too please look up when Al and O'Reilly had dinner together in a black restaurant.) You are right it has always been the issue of rich vs. poor but you can't say that you don't come online and see how racist America really is. To be honest I don't expect you to because it isn't directed to you. Now, I'm one to always say that you should put people together because it's not right. I went to a Quaker school that taught to love everyone but then I went to college in the south and really saw how it was. So while we can't blame the whole white race on the racism, we can blame those that are in leadership roles and that report the news for being racist and tactful in the way news to spoke about. I think just people are tired of having to stick up for the whole black race, you will never see the news or anyone talk about how there are more black males in college then prisons. Please also remember that when a society was built on racism and continually use of force to brake different communities down (if you don't know what I'm referring to please look up Black Wall Street, CIA putting crack in "urban" neighborhoods, even the war on drugs which started by marketing that black and Mexican's men were using weed and that they get aggressive and will rape your women, please look it up, or even when cops bombed a Philadelphia neighborhood.The Philadelphia Police were targeting MOVE, a Philly-based radical movement dedicated to black liberation. Six adults and five children died, a neighborhood burned, 65 homes were destroyed and 250 people were left homeless. What happened on May 13, 1985 ) it is hard to get over that because the communities are still feeling the impact because remember it really wasn't that long ago. Did you speak up when the news asked why weren't the kids in Baltimore in school? Then we find out that not only did the close schools done but dropped funding for the ones that were still open? Or how about in Philadelphia where the public school system didn't even have text books in their budget?
    My point to you is that.. we should lump but when we get lump it's ok and when we speak out it's a problem.

  52. Mr. Bissot you are part of the problem because you do not understand your nature which does not have a leaning towards truth, that's why you speak the way you do. What you have said is a good example of the tricks and lies that our people continue to fall victim to because of their mis-understanding of your true nature, which is that of a six thousand year young grafted devil by one of our scientist or Gods, Mr. Yakub. Ask yourself who made you the way you are a 100 percent recessive grafted gene, OR THE PALE HORSE, which the Bible describes the rider as being death, that's you. You have exposed the world to every possible evil there is, so know black people can be perfected because now we know what evil will produce unchecked, that's why we made you but you are to dumb to see it. Look at how black youth are rising and this will not stop because the job is now complete and if you try to intervene with this rise you and your people will continue to doom yourselves. There is a power present that the world will soon come to know about (Ezekiel's Wheels) which are so-called UFO's. The black man would never allow himself to be removed because of an experiment we may agree to perform on ourselves. BLACK PEOPLE READ AND LEARN ALL ABOUT YOURSELVES. The wise know this.

  53. Ralph Long says:

    Everyone knows that whites culture appropriate..they have no originality whatsoever. Their beauty is contingent on what WE bring to the table. The same goes with sports, intellectual prowess, style, music, even living above the earth's surface..they have been making money in this fashion since they left Veronya Krubera. What NEEDS to happen is that we as Afrikans, we need to stop these animals from making more money off of our backs. We need to privatize, sue, make noise, inform our Families, WHATEVER we have to do to make these plagiarists pay.

  54. Jason Kanada says:

    Hi, I'm a while male. White people have victimized and subjugated the entirety of Black culture to Hell on Earth or their own benefit for centuries now. This continues to happen now, whites obviously have an unearned natural advantage when born in this world. This "twisted minibun" bullshit is OBVIOUSLY another example of racial appropriation. I am not a rich, silver spoon-fed, closed-minded idiot, either, and I prefer to learn the truth than mask myself in false contentmenet when I look around this place…and I see a lot of ugliness….and if we are ever to clean this place up of the ugliness and even try to make it better, than we ALL need to start acknowledging the truth, no matter how embarrassed or ashamed you are of it, and despite how much it might hurt you to hear. Believe it or not, Mariah, the universe is infinite and constantly expanding, there are FAR more important things than your precious ass in it, and racial disperity still very much exists. Prpblems of the world still very much exist, even if they don't affect you, personally, right at this instant, there will come a time where you will regret not having done anything with your youth if you keep up with this path of ignorance.

  55. Technically The Bantu aren't an ethnic group. Bantu is an Ethno-linguistic cluster and a branch of the Niger-Congo/Kordofanian Language Family.

  56. when you found out about operation paperclip, you were suppose deport the nazi menace not let them take over the government.

  57. Poor child. Your lack of repartee makes me feel embarrassed for you.
    The lady above is right. 'Not wasting more of my time over your lame self.

  58. You're embarrassing us Hispanics. Please stop trying to refute something you can't relate to much less sympathize with. Stay on the sidelines of other peoples battles if it doesn't affect you, don't fight against them.

  59. C.j. Moses says:

    Jason Kanada Stupid Facebook won't let me Like your comment, so I just want to personally say Thank You for that excellent comment.

  60. So people i just went to Mariah Cortes page and this is what she posted :
    Okay, I'm done. Prepare yourselves cause this is going to be a long post.
    I was going through my newsfeed earlier and saw an article about a Marc Jacobs fashion show and a hairstyle the models wore. I clicked on the article and saw that it was all about how Marc Jacobs should have talked about the origins of the hairstyle and what do you know it was of African origin and the article was written by a pissed off African-American woman.
    She says that calling the hairstyle a twist knot is demeaning to the African race and that they deserved the proper accreditation. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Lol, this had me rolling.
    So I commented on the article saying "who cares, it's just hair". And what do you know, tons of African- American people got butthurt and tried to argue why they were upset.
    Now, I'm not racist. I'm far from it. I'm half puerto-rican. And for these people to tell me that I don't understand because of the color of my skin and say that it's not my fault that I was born privileged because I'm white and then they have the nerve to call me racist?
    Haha, okay. Bottom line was I said y'all need to stop turning every little thing into a race issue. It only becomes a race issue because you made it a race issue. It's 2015, nobody cares about the color of your skin (not as much as they use too, equality has improved significantly over the years). If you want to start demanding credit for certain styles then you better start giving credit for the hundreds of things you do or wear that are "of white/European" origins. You're arguments make you look and sound like a hypocrite and an ignorant ass.
    & lastly, if you were born in America, raised in America, and have never practiced African culture or any culture for that matter than who are you to defend something you have no knowledge about except for what you've just read in that article?
    Lmfao, thanks.


  61. Ako Ekoko says:

    so do you! look you seem to be totally hung up on the subject! IF it's only hair, GO! looool, why do you care!
    You are a troll….
    misery surely does love company.

  62. Ako Ekoko says:

    TRIBAL groups?
    Do we call the french a tribe, the english a tribe , the portuguese a tribe?

    Please remove dialect and tribe out of your dictionary when speaking of African PEOPLE and LANGUAGES.
    They are so condescendant even if we do not realize it at first. Why should Africa be the only continent spoken of in those terms?

    Zulus are definitely part of the Bantu people and you can find more Bantus located around the Great Lakes from Central Africa to Southern Africa.

  63. Her claims that we are the "butt hurt ones" tickle me. Last I checked she was the one who put a scroll length rant on HER page about us. I haven't given her behind a 2nd thought lololol.

  64. If you don't, why are you all over the damn comment section. You obviously care, bitch.

  65. They need to let it be know okay, when the black girls wear weave they say you want to be white(Which we don't) so when they wear our styles I guess they want to be black? To the lil Hispanic girl you need to stop it because when we fight for equal rights it pertains to your face too!! White American don't want you and your people here either!

  66. Bytch you mountain goats don't have hair you have FUR…STRAIGHT STRINGY LIFELESS FUR JUST LIKE ANIMALS. So keep it 100 look at that messy stringy shyt. It has no power so it's limp & to give you some type of sense of being human you copy our shyt & claim it. Bytch you sound dumb & I hope you take this comment personal. Thirsty ass crakkkas hate to be left out of a conversation ABOUT black pride & culture & then get mad when we defend our shyt. You're lucky this is computer c games because if you were in front of me I'll prove just how much of a animal you are…let me get my water hose and wet your ass & see won't you smell like a wet dog. Thirsty ass Bytch check your fleas…I mean lice at the door.

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