Dr. Kenny Anthony Is Deeply Concerned About St. Lucia’s National Security Breaches


Kenny_AnthonyCASTRIES, St Lucia — The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) said it is deeply concerned about ongoing national security breaches that have occurred under the leadership of St. Lucia’s prime minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony, in particular recent scandals involving St. Lucia visas.

The LPM pointed to the recent disclosure by the Associated Press (AP) that a total of 38 Cuban nationals who had hoped to gain illegal entry into the United States (U.S.) were all in possession of St. Lucian visas at the time of their interception at sea by U.S. patrol vessels.

The LPM added that the recent revelation by AP comes on the heels of the Lambirds Academy debacle, in which over 70 foreign students were issued visas to study in St. Lucia and, upon their alleged legal entry into the country, it was discovered that they had been the victims of human trafficking.

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