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100 thoughts on “Congressman Completely Obliterates Fox News Contributor, Sheriff David Clarke, for His False Narrative on Police Violence Against Black People

  1. Sell out his own people,,,,,SMH,,,,you guys can have him cause his mind is clearly completely GONE we can do with out him ,,,,,we shoud VOTE. to make him WALK THE PLANK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL

  2. Dewey Boyd says:

    The Congressman Ran This Coon Up A Tree…..

  3. Carlton Byrd says:

    Walk the plank!!! Lol!!! He is part of the problem. Cops who think they are above the law.

  4. Joan Coulter says:

    This cop has a job and was following his boss's orders in order to KEEP his job.

  5. Gina Stevens says:

    I wonder if this type of thing the reason why those teachers went to jail…..following orders.

  6. Gina Stevens says:

    What an ignorant fool.

  7. Issac Abrams says:

    Another FoxNews brainwashed, show pony.

  8. nazis and slave drivers were also following orders to keep their jobs… bad excuse

  9. This Nagas a fucking wing……………..

  10. This ass has been known for riding around Milwaukee county making appearances in a cowboy hat and Ray-ban aviator shades with a stupid attitude to boot. Harold Brier in black skin.

  11. Tony Temple says:

    The headline does not support the actual clip.

  12. His death was ruled a homicide, his throat had damage from pressure applied to it. He didn't need to die of asphyxiation to have been killed by the actions of someone else, even if it was an accident.

  13. David Rose says:

    Thank goodness someone put this COON in his place. Some of us won't make it to the promise land. Some of will remember these COON when we arrived to the promise land.

  14. Mark Hough says:

    He is the boss. And very much a killer.

  15. Dana Holmes says:

    Not ran him up a tree….LAWD! 🙂

  16. He was really believing his own hype.

  17. He's the boss. Elected by the suburbanites in Milwaukee County.

  18. Gina Stevens like your statment.

  19. right on terget.

  20. Tell him beautiful…He is just a buffoon full of self hate.

  21. He is the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, it's an elected position and he is a Republican pretending to be a Democrat. Word is that he is looking for a higher position. Be it mayor or a political appointment in a Republican Administration. He has done nothing but throw our black community under the bus.

  22. Gardener was murdered , m brown was killed by his own stupidity , the Congressman should've been questioning the shire ff in charge of those cities not this one , true is to much crime is going on , to many innocent people caught in cross fire , to much black on white , to much black on black, to much white on black , to much white on white period and for a tone to jump on one band wagon and ignore the others are fools , and invensouals, no matter what correct skin if born in America we are all Americans not one better than. Another nor treeted different .

  23. No, Joan his future is more than secure! I don't know if you have seen him speak before this, I have and he believes every word that comes out of his mouth. His message has been very consistent so he's not following orders he is a "House Nigger" plain and simple.

  24. This guy said that Eric Garner didn't die of a asphyxiation, but he died of a heart attack (which it does say in the coroner report). My question is, what caused the heart attack (cardiac arrest)? Could it be asphyxiation (choking)? If you are not getting oxygen, your heart stops, simple as that. That's just like saying a person died of bleeding and not the gun shot wound that caused the bleeding, this guy is a certified idiot.

  25. No he's selling out himself. Using the narrative that he is selling out his own people further continues the notion that black people are monolithic.

  26. Daniel Owens says:

    unfortunately to merely say we are all Americans doesn't make it happen. The laws, judicial system etc do not support this claim. We have a caste system here in our country and we need to identify it and abolish it. We can't do that if we keep stupidly saying everyone is equally guilty.

  27. Joan Coulter says:

    Gina Stevens Yep. Not having the character or courage to stand by what was right.

  28. Joan Coulter says:

    But, now reading the rest of the comments, I see he is just a coon.

  29. Rod Wortham says:

    I think he's trying to see beyond race, but the issue realistically is that there is a race issue. Because you don't want to see race as the root of the issue, doesn't mean that it isn't the issue. This issue is a predominantly economic issue, which leads to race by default because a lot of minorities are at a lower economic advantage. The sad thing in all is that as a mixed person, I see that the issue is an economic issue, which we're rendering ourselves cripple because we're making everything about race, but in all honesty, the 1% will stay in power due to consumptions of interest handed down to them, through generations of advantages. We're all slaves, this man is as a much a slave as you and I.

  30. Gina Stevens says:

    Daniel Owens You are so right.

  31. Slave to Righteousness? "False Weights are an abomination to THE LORD, however Balance is HIS DELIGHT."

    Romans 13 + The Authorities are "GOD'S MINISTERS."

  32. Sheriff David Clarke has shown himself to be a uninformed or misinformed, on more than once occasion. He has no business being refereed as any "expert" on policing issues.

  33. I think the Only way to Stop this Genocide from the Cops is for all the Young Black Males to Become Muslims and Join the Nation of Islam or the Black Panthers. You Don't see the Cops Shooting Black Men from The Nation of Islam Or Panthers?

  34. Rod Wortham says:

    I will simply state that this had absolutely no relevance to the topic at hand.

    Rod Wortham 2015 verse idkwtf you're talking about.

  35. I see the word COON a lot, just call him a NI&&£R and be done with it. COON is no different. He's an officer of the law and it's sad that he has to be called something so diragative.

  36. I wish there was some way I could tell the Atlanta Blackstar that there is no support for Linux users on their site. Videos posted here will neither load nor play, if you're using Linux as your operating system. I find much of the content here very important, but I can't see most of it.

  37. Ron Campbell says:

    I don't know how that bastard cop can sleep at night. He can't believe half the shit he's saying.

  38. Keith Hudson says:

    As usual you toothless inbreds still cannot talk. I'm talking to you Dewey.

  39. come on y'all be easy on Uncle oops Sheriff Tom lol

  40. and you came up with solution all by yourself? you're so special.

  41. Chuck Williams Well It's been 50yrs since Malcom-X and little change on criminal justice and police brutality / but you don't see – Or at least I don't see the police targeting the Muslim communities or the communities with strong Muslim or Nation of Islam presence. The original Black Panthers policed the police and their communities, But also defended themselves and was united.

  42. Wow, the congressman proved to be an arrogant idiot and some of you don't get this. This sheriff is a role model for young black men and you idiots will never get it. That's why we have the race problems we have in this country. If you don't do the crime you don't have to worry. Poor victims. You guys are a joke.

  43. Sam David says:

    How did he get destroyed? The Sheriff made an excellent point. Look at the Michael Brown case.. False testimony led to the whole "hands up don't shoot" craze.. I agree, look at the facts. Should Eric Garner have been choked? No, of course not. That is officer misconduct. But could it have been avoided if he complied? Quite possibly.
    And he didn't "receive the death penalty", what an idiotic statement.

  44. I'm curious on what would make you "knowledgeable" on what type of anything is needed in ANY black community? Do you live in one? Work in one? Volunteer in one? The issue isn't being held accountable for committing a crime per se, its the uneven application of enforcement and sentencing behaviors and patterns applied to not only people of color, but to poor folks as well. Not sure calling someone an idiot who asks logical questions, and disputes someones data, especially one who is using a mass medium to "sell" a narrative give your post comment too much in terms of being taken seriously. Not picking on you as I don't personally know you or your life experience, however reading that comment drew me in. May God Bless America and all her citizens.

  45. "The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."

  46. John Teter says:

    Looks like the congressman got whacked to me.

  47. JF Williams says:

    Robert Jay Scovel Jr. what moron tree did you fall out of?

  48. JF Williams says:

    Miss Davidson, Coon is a fitting term because this Black Sheriff is a sell-out and utterly useless to the black diaspora's struggle for freedom. And as such chose to be a mouthpiece for far-right racist conservatives.

    And if you can't see that, then you are suspect yourself.

  49. The problem has become more and more serious every minute, when our congressman ask question in this way and use words that not reconize in the ears of some people.

  50. Emmett Xaa says:

    Everybody that looks like you ain't for you Black Africans. Some are coon, sellout and niggerized slave minded folks. This sellout Sheriff David Clarke is a prime example of know what whites tell you and find fault in your own race(Black crime statistics in this case).
    The Bible teaches us to train them up in the way they should go ( raise African children to be self conscious about self and be against their enemies=white supremacist and Black sellouts) I thank Jesus(yashua) for my Christian, Rastafarian and Muslim family members who raised me think the right way. This fool don't even know what the facts are about Eric Garners(NY) death by choking. And the narrative of the history of police abuse and its not the uniform its his raising. Your Mamma might be proud of you but your African American peers find you to be a traitor or fool. Watch the company you keep and raise those black children to know what is going on or end up with this hot mess of a sorry Black male!

  51. My life experience has taught me that hard work and a certain amount of conformity makes your life more pleasant. If you consider yourself a victim and never release yourself from that mentality your life will be a struggle. I know this from experience. No, I do not know the plight of the inner city populations, but I am well aware of what it is like to be poor. As a young man I looked up to certain people and they were the wrong ones. Not until I recognized this did things start to get better. It is easier to languish as a victim then to rise above it with hard work. But hard work and perseverance have their benefits. Okay, I'll get off that box. Change your own life, don't wait for someone or some entity to do it for you.

  52. Chuck Yates says:

    Let's get this straight
    Democrats have ran Baltimore for 50 years
    Baltimore population is 68 % black
    police deparment is 68 % black
    fire deparment is 58% black;
    school district is 86% black
    school teachers are 72% black;
    city council is 90% black;
    Mayor is a black; chief of police is black; police commissioner is black; State attorney for city of Baltimore is black
    54% of population is on welfare

  53. Rick Hanlon says:

    Fuck you Sherrif, I've never heard more disingenuous testimony in my life.

  54. Robert Jay, bravo!

  55. The blackness of skin doesn't automatically translate to wanting the betterment of a black community. This is a fact that most black people already know. What the congressman did was not allow the sheriff to change the narrative with skewed statistics. The perception that black violence is somehow more prevalent than white violence is a untruth… an irresponsible untruth. Black people more than any other group are often forced to look upon our own actions with scrutiny and criticism, what affords you the right to not do the same? what affords you the insight into black issues which you have no incentive to care about when they don't fit your narrative of over-whelming black guilt? Why are you speaking on this issue? Why aren't you focusing on the ills that plague the white community? the European myth of superiority doesn't even serve you, so why aren't you posting comments about how to think about the world in real terms? There is a hidden history in America and throughout the world, when it relates to black achievement, innovation, and intelligence, why aren't you spending time spreading those truths? Why are you instead giving statistics about a city that you don't know the history of? Your presence in this comment section suggests that you want to help black people by making sure they know who's responsible for Freddy Grays death, or the unrest in Baltimore. What I am suggesting is if you don't know the full-history of my people then you shouldn't speak. You should instead learn the history and spread it to your people. That's the only way your commenting will have any real relevance to the conversation.

  56. Israel Williams Simple observation allows us to say this. Robert Scovel is correct. Perhaps if there were family values where there were TWO MARRIED parents, or at least ONE responsible parent, who brought up their kids with love and discipline and the value of education, with self-respect and respect for others, where there were consequences for bad behaviour, where one woman didn't have 4-6 kids from 4-6 men and exercised self-control, where that woman didn't bring home boyfriends she hardly knew to be around her kids, exposing them to abuse and possible death, where men took responsibility and worked hard and kept their jobs and supported their families, where having kids was rewarded with big tax refunds and EIC credits and Social Security, where having a daycare wasn't a cover to scam the system — yes, Mr. Scovel and I and many others speak from simple observation and first-hand experience. I see this happening with whites and I see it with blacks. The victim mentality is amply rewarded and continues generation after generation. THIS is what keeps blacks down. Look at Dr. Ben Carson's life — single mom who worked two jobs, was strict with her boys, loved them, disciplined them. He should be any black person's example of how to overcome adversity with hard work. But when a black person does break away from the usual misery, he is accused of being an oreo, a traitor, an Uncle Tom and other hateful names that you all are calling Sheriff Clark. Shame on all of you! Don't turn it on whites — look inward and make a change. Or perhaps misery loves company and it's easier to resort to jealousy and violence.

  57. Tell you what — I hear ISIS is looking for volunteers. Bye!

  58. Estil Fields says:

    Fools. People are dying. The ghettos are full of poor and uneducated society who commit crimes at an astounding rate and you sit here and blame cops? Preposterous! Look at yourselves and stop spreading these ridiculous lies.

  59. The sherrif is on point and most o you are weak coward wannabe victims!!

  60. Joan Coulter says:

    Mark Hough , Lucy, Gina – Great points. I 100% concur. One has to have character and courage to stand by what is right.

  61. Larry Clark says:

    this Clark cop appears on Fox News….this MF is a house coon for Fox and the Republican party.

  62. that senator better be real careful. he is brilliant they will try to get dirty on him in order to discredit him. I pray he keeps his integrity in all things, both person and professional.

  63. It's even hard to look at this mess. Self hating people are disgusting.

  64. Smid Ball says:

    Another comedy routine.

  65. It is a statistical fact that white on white crime rates are significantly higher than those for black Americans, but that doesn't make for good television or lop-sided talking points. Every incident of mass gun violence in America has involved a white male shooter, but you're here parroting some bullshiggity about ghettos. It is interesting, but not at all surprising that you didn't mention the rural areas across America which are heavily populated with poor, uneducated, drug addicted whites who are wholly dependent on social welfare programs and who are involved in acts of violence.

    Please do us all a huge favor and miss us with your Fox News/Glenn Beck/Alex Jones/Rush Limbaugh talking points.

  66. This Clown-Bitch Negrocoon sheriff that dresses himself up like he's a fucking general has already been marked as a TAP-DANCING HARPIE!

  67. This Bitch ass Punk is referencing another old bastard coon Thomas Sowell, who hasn't walked a line in no kind of struggle but has been a FUCKED IN THE ASS, SAMBO all of his existence!

  68. It would be interesting to see what his comments would be if his son(s) suffered the same fate. Would his cognative dissonance change ? Smh ………….ok

  69. The first red flag is when someone Black gets the approval of White bigots. It's really funny how racists think supporting bootlicking Sambos like David Clarke somehow absolve them of their bigotry and racism.

  70. Pernell Babineaux look in the mirror and you will see a real racist bigot

  71. Boby Mafi says:

    l wonder who the fool is exactly one who questions deaths that appear unfair or the one who think poverty and death in ghettoes are a natural order. you are damned if you think all the poor people are stupid and less human than you.

  72. When this poor, pathetic, and misguided Caucasian-loving negro has reached his life's end, I wonder how many White people are going to drop by and pay their last respects?

  73. Chuck check the welfare stats in West Virgina. You will be suprised.

  74. Boby Mafi says:

    Lucy Marianela true but it takes real guts and an exceptionally strong desire to be just towards the oppressed other to go against the grain or rebel aginst an oppressive tradition. that policeman is just not one of the real heroes who can do that…

  75. This kind of law enforcement is dangerous because everything is justisfied in the eyes of the police, they have been succesfull in this country over the years by putting police on a pedistal like they are untouchable to curruption and murder, think about this there is one group of a public servant who can literaly get away with murder and that is the police, they are protected by prosecuters, politicians and even the president, if I'm lying name me one case that was investigated by the D.O.J where unarmed black people have been killed by the police tell me how many have been charge, I'll tell you zero, we live in a police state you just don't know it, when one side is always right meaning the police regardless of a video that's the definition of a police state,one more thing why do you think alot of the military equipment from these wars are being ship to police departments, see people are so blind to what's going on around them because your so caught up in foolishness and distractions, do you know there was bill bought up in congress to block this equipment going to police departments and there was only one member of the Black Congressional Black Caucus supported it John Conyers the rest of them voted for it, so who really represent you black people, Think

  76. Why don't you share with us the stats on the most red states in the South which have had Republican leadership for decades but continu too be the poorest states with the highest number of their residents on warfare. Anybody heard of a Democrat government of Mississippi, Georgia or Alabama even weather Virginia??? People like you throw out these stats with sharing how poorly you own government. As if everything evite is alright; newsflash there are poor people being taken for granted of by their elected officials on both sides and all colors.

  77. Chloe Nessl says:

    There was no false narrative about Michael Brown having his hands up…only the DA not allowing the testimony of the eyewitnesses to be allowed into the grand jury proceedings. If you read the eyewitness depositions, they pretty much all support the narrative that Mike Brown was surrendering when murdered. The DA…as all prosecutors do, are notorious for cherry picking evidence and juries to support exoneratong cops who kill unarmed Black people. Do yourself a favor and read the depositions for yourself.

  78. And you sound like complete fool.

  79. How can a blind man lead anybody, that sheriff need to step down.

  80. This is a good argument, but the fact that they are trying to spin it as taking down a good black man, I will not share.

  81. I didn't hear him sell out anyone. #stoptheviolence #lovematters

  82. Melissa Townsend You are clearly tripping. Watched this Uncle Tom on CNN last night also get destroyed by Don Lemon (who I usually don't vibe with). But this dude is saying black on black crime isn't as pervasive as white on white crime, which is a flat out lie, among many other lies he tells. Definitely selling out. Problem is white people DONT understand why that's so harmful and tbh you should know better by now. Shame on you. #lovematters so you should be calling out anyone with hateful rhetoric such as this guy.

  83. Melissa Townsend of course you did'nt !! are you BLACK??

  84. Heem Cosom says:

    Congressman with sense

  85. He's the HOUSE NIGGER, Brother Malcolm spoke of!!!

  86. did he say he didnt die from being shocked, this is the problem with a lot of black men with power they start kissing the ass of the jobs instead of the truth.

  87. Aaron Rowan says:

    look at this trailer trash

  88. Roy Evans says:

    Melisa, evidentially you don't livei in Milwakee. You're only getting a sanitized version of his insanity.During slavery they would call him an "overseer" for the white plantation owners.Today he is just a fool who hates himself as much as he loves his master. White people who hate black people love him.

  89. Watch Joe rogan interview with Baltimore cop

  90. He makes Stephen in the movie Django look like Malcolm X

  91. Jim Harsch says:

    Damn. That hurt. Don't you just hate it when the numbers fall in your favor

  92. Keith Hudson THE MORON!!

  93. who black men ,please talk for your self dude

  94. Melissa Townsend Of course you wouldn't

  95. Roy Evans says:

    You are just as much a fool as he is.

  96. Melissa Townsend You choose not to hear it because it benefits you.

  97. Jim Harsch says:

    Melissa Townsend I agree. And he was well composed

  98. In the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s there were no such thing as coon-Negroes like sheriff David Clarke because during the 20th century racist whites could go on any television network or call press conferences to say any racist condenation they wanted about any racial group. However, in the 21st century, white racist have to be politically correct or risk losing their political careers. So nowadays, their social institutions hire and financially support coon-Negros such as sheriff David Clarke, Charles Barkley, professor Carol Swain, Stacey Dash, Raven Symone and a host of others to publically state racist overtones and thus degrade their own race…..

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