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10 thoughts on “Look at How Muhammad Ali Handled Himself in Front of This Aggressive Mob

  1. Mikal Jalil says:

    And this is why Ali is respected more than any other fighter in America, if not the world. He was also fighting against Racial Injustice and gave more than adequate responses why he was an objector. He was willing to go to jail for righteousness sake. Today, there are very few men that can be compared to such a worthy champion.

  2. Said Lamrani says:

    Muhammad Ali is great person Islam make him greater!

  3. Ted Langham says:

    And that's why he is THE GREATEST…..the takeaway….a scared man can't progress!

  4. Will Rogers says:

    And the terrorism against blacks now is still the same as it was then. Freedom cannot be given, it can only be fought for and taken. Peaceful protest is a luxury we can no longer afford. They've had too much practice dealing with peaceful troublemakers (no publicity for one!) and when they killed the most peaceful person the U.S. has ever produced (MLK) it traumatised whole generations into passivity. Let's hope the modern protestors succeed where MLK failed. The oppressors want you to stay peaceful so they can keep oppressing you! Even Gandhi was supported by years of unrest and violent protest as was Mandela. We need direct action as well! Ali has the heart of a statesman and a warrior, he is not trying to appease his oppressors. Keep on fighting black America the world is watching!

  5. Clement Akuo says:

    Saying the truth with arrogance.

  6. Hammer Down Protocol #MassiveAttack Imminent.

  7. I made similar comments before the SELECTIVE SERVICE BOARD. I had no idea we were on the same page back then.

  8. Sizwe Xaba says:

    The Greatest Of All Time

  9. Man I remember this scene from Will Smith's movie Ali and it is EXACTLY the same! Will did a hella job playing Ali and Ali is truly the GREATEST

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